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Good meal that left me confused

Roti bread and chicken. It was the strange menu name that attracted me to this food item.

On the SafeBoda app through which we now order food online, there is hardly any food photography or menu blurb accompanying the food items.

Moreover, the restaurant, Food Palace Fast Food and Restaurant has no online presence of its own. Despite having the word ‘millet’ in brackets next to the roti, it still seemed like a strange meal.

For one, millet bread is, well, akalo, and roti is supposed to be a thin, chapatti-like Indian flatbread. I had to place an order. Millet bread and chicken stew are one of the most complementing combinations - especially if the chicken is the tasty free range kind.

When the food arrived, the rather big size of the chicken wing gave the impression that it was certainly the exotic chicken (local chickens are usually smaller except for the mature roosters).

Yet, the hard bones and intact skin even after roasting could only be for a local chicken. Besides, at Shs 12,000, it was too cheap for a local chicken meal; but again, coronavirus is redefining many businesses.

The failed marinade made the chicken lose its natural flavours to the point that it even seemed misplaced in the stew. The ‘roti bread’ came in a kalo mound, but lacked that slight stretchy element and was too soft.

This particular one would even temporarily stick to the roof of the mouth before melting away. It was still a nice meal to the non- critical diner who was just out there enjoying their meal.

I’m still wondering why they call it roti, though.


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