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Ugaroll, where is the chicken in the rolex?

The suggestive name alone can whet anyone’s taste buds given how grilled chicken and a well-made rolex can taste.

The maker, Ugaroll, has also made a name of gradually transitioning the chapatti roll (rolex) from dusty roadsides near sewerage gutters, into a high-end snack. 

Even when priced at Shs 20,000 – more than 10 times the ordinary price of Shs 1,000 to Shs 2,000 – there are very few complaints because of the additional hygienic preparation and appealing packaging.







As Cafe Javas has demonstrated, diners are willing to spend any amount on quality food. But what a disappointment Ugaroll’s bbq grilled chicken rolex from The Kurb outlet turned out to be!

For starters, chicken, however disguised, always retains its natural taste and flavours. But in the bbq grilled rolex, you hardly taste any chicken.

Then the egg had too much curry that nearly killed its taste. It was as if the egg had been added in the curry rather than vice versa. At least the tomatoes were garden fresh and so was the lettuce that was well garnished by the bbq sauce.

The chapattis were also super soft, hot and thick. It was a very heavy, rich man’s rolex – same ordinary rolex with softer and thicker chapattis packaged and well-plated. The bitter-sweet lemonade at least saved the day.



-4 #1 Lysol 2020-02-20 22:11
That cheap imitation of the Mexican breakfast burrito i named after an expensive Swiss chronometer is nothing to brag about.

Uganda has no internationally known cuisines to brag off. The rests are pure tribal and non-nutritional food.
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