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Twaake launches ‘Rumble In The Jungle’

Revellers walk through the forested spots in the resort

Revellers walk through the forested spots in the resort

Twaake, a new creative and innovative arm of Silk Events, on Thursday announced their new themed event dubbed “Rumble in the Jungle: Eat or Be Eaten,” at Nature’s Green Resort beach, Kaazi.

The event will be held on December 21 from 12 noon until midday the following day at the same venue. With a festival-like setup, the event will pay homage to a blaring music experience with at least 20 DJs, a lit-up mystical forest ambience, food and drink.

According to Clive Musaazi, a creative executive with Twaake, the event is in collaboration with Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

Some animals from the zoo will be on display in cages in order to immerse the revellers in the jungle-like atmosphere. Elvis Sekyanzi, the proprietor of Silk Events, said the event will bring to the fore the conservation efforts by UWA which is why their collaboration was pivotal.

To cap it all, there will be a treasure hunt with winners taking home Shs 5m at the quarterly event. Twaake expects the event to become a must-attend fete where fun lovers can have a memorable cultural experience.


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