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Xebhi Derho knocked my socks off!

The thought of boiled eggs cooked with chicken and butter seemed too odd. But, by the time, Doro Wat is considered Ethiopia’s national food, it must be special. And special it tasted. 

Under the Habesha food menu at Llee Café and Pub in Kasanga, it is called Xebhi Derho and not Doro Wat - same cuisine across Eritrea and Ethiopia, I was told. The restaurant is themed along the Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisines with a side chip in for Ugandan dishes as well. 

The Xebhi Derho is served with healthy brown injera. It is very spicy chicken stew cooked in berbere – a mixture of flavourful traditional Ethiopian spices including ginger and garlic powder, paprika, cayenne pepper, etc. If only the chicken was the traditional sweet and sinewy breed and not the tasteless and bland broilers! That would have made an even more authentic taste. 

Although cutlery is served, this is a meal best eaten with one’s hands all through. The injera is a sponge-like traditional Ethiopian flatbread used to scoop out the curry.

It is also served with fresh vegetable salad of tomatoes, lettuce and onion sauce - all peppered with vinegar and black pepper. The injera and Xebhi Derho so far stand out as my best combination of Ethiopian food. The meal comes on the cheap at just Shs 15,000.             


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