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Sandwiches on UR flights could be better

For the economy class, Uganda Airlines’ onboard meal was limited to sandwiches – beef or chicken – alongside fresh fruits (watermelon and pineapple) en route to Dar es Salaam.

For the return leg, it was beef or cheese sandwiches. The business class got some tasty rolex (chapatti rolled with fried eggs) but this too was not enough for all the passengers.

Flight experts say the human sense of smell is reduced by 30 per cent when flying, due to pressurization and the air conditioning in the cabin. That is why inflight foods taste different. Regardless the reduced sense of smell, the two sandwiches were packed and tasted different. 

The sweet Ugandan sandwich was stuffed with the tiniest of chicken pieces and a lettuce leaflet with a dub of salad cream. The tomatoes tasted as kitchen-raw as they come. The pineapple slices tasted as sweet as Ugandan pineapples.

The watermelon slices had started their journey to going bad (they had wrongly opted for the fully ripened ones). Newrest is inflight catering company at Entebbe International Airport. 

In contrast, the sandwiches from Julius Nyerere International Airport tasted completely different from the Ugandan ones. Even the lunch boxes from JNIA oozed class. The cheese bar was as long as the roll, which was spritzed with sesame seeds. For every bite, the cheese melt could not be missed.

The sandwich had yellow sweet pepper bachata, smoked eggplant and half-boiled cucumber dipped in vinegar. All these made for a better sandwich, although the roll tasted harder (due to chilling). 

The white Tanzanian pineapples, however, did not match the sweetness of the fresh yellowish Ugandan ones.


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