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Tamarai gives you Asia on a plate

The dumplings starter

The dumplings starter

What better starter than the chicken satay and chicken dim sum before your main course of Indonesian-style stir-fried chicken chill?

Despite its high-end pricing, Tamarai restaurant in lower Kololo, one of the coziest pan-Asian restaurants in Kampala, is frequented by a lot of European and Asian expatriates.

As matter of fact, you will most likely find more foreigners than Ugandans at this restaurant. Perhaps the foreigners earn the salaries to match the food pricing here, or maybe the foreigners are simply more food adventurous than most Ugandans.

The satay is grilled and egg smudged chewy chicken served on skewers. It is served with fresh peanut sauce. It was served alongside the steamed garlicky chicken dim sum.

Dim sum is a Chinese cuisine of boneless chicken fillings done with garlic, ginger, pepper, etc, and then wrapped into chapatti-like sheets. The taste is a little tough and rubbery and tends to melt away while in the mouth.

As for the main course, the stir-fried chicken chill is the spiciest meal I have ever eaten and serving it steaming hot did not help matters; yet, it is best eaten while hot.

The chicken cubes are cooked together with roasted sesame seeds, roasted peanuts and the aromatic black pepper and lemon grass stalks. The combined aromas are simply too irresistible. This all served with rice and half- cooked vegetables.

The main course was priced at Shs 40,000 while the dim sum and satay cost Shs 28,000. Most of the food items at Tamarai are from Indonesia, Vietnam, Mongolia and China, but there is also a catalogue of Ugandan grills.

To cater for possible allergies, all food items on the menu are clearly marked N – for nuts, V – for vegan and a chili icon to indicate what is spicy. 


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