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I used to be so shy – Owoyesigire

Luke Owoyesigire

Luke Owoyesigire

Luke Owoyesigire is the Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesperson.

Quick Talk found him in his office at CPS, where he was surprisingly wearing jeans and a black African print T-Shirt. Quite different from the uniformed guy that usually addresses press conferences!

Good afternoon, sir!
Good afternoon to you.

How about you tell me about yourself, for starters?

Luke is currently the deputy spokesperson of the Kampala Metropolitan Police. I have been serving in this position for quite some time. I am 27 years old and I got done with my S4 in 2008 and S6 in 2010. I joined Ndejje University for a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

So, when did you join the police?

I joined the police in 2015; we applied for the initial training and had to go for it, graduated in 2016 and have been serving since then.

Okay. Moving on... are you married, Afande?

I would say…like registration marriage or...?

As in, do you have a wife?

I have not had a wedding yet, but I have a wife-to-be.

And children?

No. [But] depending on the work I do and wanting the best for my children, I would not want to exceed three.

So, twins or triplets in your dreams?

Not really [shaking his head in disapproval.]

What attracted you to this wife-to-be?

She is supportive. There are people who believe that marriage is a bed of roses. However, being in this office, I have handled a lot of cases to do with family and a lot of people have come for advice from us and through all this, I have confirmed that marriage is not a bed full of roses.

I would like someone who would listen to me as I also listen to her. To me, that’s more important than the looks and any other thing.

What was your childhood like?

To be honest, my childhood was so [smooth]; I grew up in a family where everything was provided for. I don’t remember any time I lacked at school and thank my parents and God for who I am now.

Which one thing would you change if you could turn back time?

I would change my shyness I had back then because I never used to interact or be in clubs that united people. You would not find me in things like sports, MDD...

So, are you romantic, or the shy guy in your relationship?  

[Laughs] I don’t really know, but on days like birthdays and Valentine’s day I  am always there. And I hope that if she becomes a mother, I will still be there for her on mother’s day. But currently I am there for my mother.

Hmmm…What do you take to be romantic in a relationship?

I think if a woman asks for something and you provide for it, may be a definition.

[Quick Talk imagines the good the afande dancing]: Do you have favourite music?

I am more of a pop culture person; so, I listen to pop music.

When was the last time you went dancing?

Three weeks ago with my friends and my lady.
Where, to club?    

[Quickly] No...a wedding; and when it’s time to dance, you do it with friends.
You look very fit, meanwhile. Do you go to the gym?

I run every morning, but I don’t get time in the evening. I have to run every morning before coming for work.

This outfit…!

I dress up like this when I am coming from home. [Some policemen look like they even sleep in their uniforms, complete with beret; Luke is one of them.]

I honestly thought you wear uniform fulltime!

True, but when I am going to do other duties I dress like this. You see, we also have lives. When I am going for a wedding meeting or a real wedding, I don’t go dressed up in police uniform. Even when I am not on duty, I wear my civilian clothes.

Are you more of a suits or a jeans person, then?

I do like suits, although I own a few of them, but on a normal day, jeans work for me.
Do you stay with your lady, or…?

[Smiling] Why ask me? We shall start staying together when we do kwanjula (introduction). I believe that’s the normal way of staying with someone’s daughter… then marriage and then we officially stay together.

If you were not a policeman, which job would you be doing?

I would be doing journalism or in the family business.

Which is…?

[Smiling] Nooo...I can’t tell you.
Which musician sings and can’t leave you seated?

I think it’s Winnie Nwagi and Vinka.


0 #1 ivo 2019-08-12 17:05
Journalists have a control function in society, they should report about the good and bad whats going on, like members of Parliament have a control function to keep an eye on the government if they are doing there job good in the peoples interest.

Journalists are important persons. Journalists are our eyes and ears in this world, we need to be able to trust them, and they must enable us to trust them, by telling the truth, and to ask there deeper, were nobody dared to ask before.

Now look at this interview above, its like a conversation between two woman in a hair saloon, utterly meaningless. (Ahum..sorry ladies)
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0 #2 ivo 2019-08-12 17:06
Why not ask the man if he does not find it difficult to communicate controversial actions from the police with the public, and how that inside of him, maybe leads to conflicts of loyalty.

If he not maybe sometimes has this creepy feeling that the journalist inside him, by joining the police, has sold a little bit his soul to the devil..

And than his wife to be.. now we still dont know if the woman can cook or not? How can we live on, without that knowledge?
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