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Disappointing look, great taste in fish florentine

It looked uninvitingly ugly and mucky, I almost regretted my choice.

But being on an eating assignment and the fact that it was already on the table, I had to taste it anyway.  What a bad review this new Cafe Panini was going to get, I imagined.

Well, as it turned out, the taste of this meal was the opposite of the look. Fish florentine is one of Panini’s signature dishes. It is grilled flaky, charred, lemon-butter tilapia cooked in creamy spinach sauce - the source of the slithery look.

The fillet has the golden taste on the outside due to the grill but it is very flat and moist inside. Although it does not overshoot, you definitely cannot miss the butter and garlic in the tilapia nor the florentine topping. It is served with two scoops of boiled basmati rice. Lemon and black pepper are served on the side to enhance the flavours.

The meal takes about 20 minutes to serve and although it appears small on the plate, the butter easily fills you up.

Panini is a new simple-looking outdoor restaurant at Kisementi in Kamwokya. Their menu book is simple yet with unique foods and it seems they are ready to compete with neighbouring giants Cafesseire, Caramel and Cafe Javas by going relatively cheaper. In the drinks and beverage section, nearly everything is well within Shs 10,000 and the food does not cost beyond Shs 30,000, yet by every look Panini is an elitist restaurant.


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