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Bad Black steps out of ‘hodulopu’ and back onto the social scene

If anyone has the nine proverbial lives of a cat, it is Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black.

She is back. If there were any doubters, her self-indulging 30th birthday bash at Black Boulevard over the weekend was a huge statement of cash and social status.

The once-top socialite only rivalled by Zari Hassan in cash and flamboyance, had fallen on tough times, having served a four-year stint in jail for swindling more than Shs 11bn from her then-boyfriend, British businessman David Greenhalgh.

When she walked out of jail in March 2016 after serving her sentence, she was a different woman, physically and socially. Not only was she broke, friendless and single, she had also bleached her skin so significantly, it was hard to recognise her.

But at the end of 2018, she resurfaced online with that infamous “Jonah, come and close da hodulopu” Snapchat video that went viral. By the time the first quarter of this year ended, Bad Black was the undisputed queen of Snapchat and the most followed Ugandan on the platform.

Her daily posts about anything and everything in her life done in hilariously bad English, have become entertainment in Kampala and beyond, and the socialite has used that to cleverly rebrand and reintroduce herself onto the social scene.

Bad Black's birthday cake

Documenting her jet setting lifestyle with son Jonah and a new boy toy, while candidly keeping followers abreast of her seedy lifestyle in prostitution, her uncommon honesty about what she does has made the pregnant socialite popular in many circles.

And BAM, the potty-mouthed Bad Black of the Greenhalgh and Meddie Sentongo days is back; whiter and more brazen. Before she fell on hard times, she was known for going to upmarket hair salons and bars and leaving tips of up to $200. So rich was she that banks came to her, not the other way round.

She would dish out money like it grew on trees, and the question on everyone’s lips was where this early-twenties young woman got all that money from. That was answered when she split from Greenhalgh and she and then-beau Sentongo ended up in Luzira. 

Her hangers-on and celebrity friends moved on to the likes of Ivan Semwanga (RIP) and his Rich Gang, and Bad Black was all but forgotten.

But going by Saturday’s bash where the who-is-who on the socialites and party animal lists turned up to salute her, Black is reclaiming her spot on the social scene – heavily pregnant, with a quick tongue that is not to be crossed; ask Bebe Cool!

Chameleone, Maddoxx Sematimba and Lydia Jazmine among others, entertained at the black-themed event at the new Kingdom Kampala-based venue near UBC; the party was very similar to what Zari and Semwanga used to do with their December White parties.


0 #1 Lysol 2019-07-13 22:41
A slut is always a slut. They say you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.

People never change, one time does change. There are plenty (such people) of them out there.
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