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Sheraton's Cinnamon Roulette cocktail is the real deal

On the new drinks menu under review it is not yet even listed, but the Cinnamon Roulette is arguably Sheraton Kampala hotel’s best ‘on the rocks’ cocktail.

It is a perfect drink for the patient, choosy and classy drinker. Like they say, ladies drink wine, guys drink beer and gentlemen drink whiskey. The Cinnamon Roulette is the perfect choice for those who want to stand out and taste out. 

It is a cocktail that blends together the sweet vanilla flavours and the candid smooth taste of Grand Marnier, the tartness of Tang apple mix, the delicious and spiciness finish of Captain Morgan (Spiced Gold), the natural flavour of our own Splash (apple juice) and apple liqueur and the infusion of citrus and orange aromas.

Simply put, it is a combination of rye, rum, bourbon, cognac, and whiskey – all in one glass. Yes, your imaginations are indeed correct. The taste is fully spiced with vanilla, cinnamon, citrus tones - with a dry taste but a smooth flow.

It is garnished with apple slices that add to the natural flavours. Because of its high alcoholic concentration, it is best taken with water breaks or movements.

With this, you can even take more than two glasses and still remain sober. There are no worries of hangover the next morning as is with most well-mixed cocktails, or the bloated, belchy gut that comes with beer. A glass may cost as high as Shs 45,000, but it is worth every penny.


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