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One Piece anime gets its best arc yet

If you have kept abreast of the One Piece anime, then you know that we are about to embark on the most exciting saga of the entire show: The Kaido Arc.

The last two years have been such a rollercoaster ride in the One Piece anime. For a while, it felt like the story was sort of just floating along, keeping its fans entertained with the unimportant adventures Luffy and his crew encountered as they jumped from one bizarre island to another.

I can’t say the arcs were bad but they were hardly stimulating. But then Punk Hazard came along and everything changed. The introduction of Caesar Clown basically opened the doors to a more serialized approach to the show’s storytelling.

Suddenly, everything mattered. Kinemon was not just another silly throwaway character, nor was Doflamingo just another minor villain waiting to be dispatched just so Luffy could take another step towards his goal.

The last 150 episodes of this show have done more to unravel the world of One Piece than all previous arcs combined. The Zou Saga, the shortest and most unassuming of the One Piece arcs, finally revealed the path that Luffy would have to take to fulfill his dreams.

We know that the One Piece is at Raftel, the Last Island. And we can assume that Raftel will also provide the platform for the final arc of this series. More importantly, the Straw Hats know what they have to do to get there.

Whole Cake Island gave some life to all the legends surrounding the Emperors. We now know that the rumors of their strength have a basis in truth. So much is at stake, so many lives. The Reverie is already in full swing. We know that the Empty Throne isn’t actually empty and that the world has a king. We also know that whatever is decided at the Reverie, nothing will stay the same.

This is the worst time to not be a One Piece fan because the story has never been more engaging. There’s definitely a Kaido/Big Mom clash coming. Shanks is also on the move, not to mention Sabo and the revolutionary army.

And who knows what Blackbeard is up to. Will Marco finally surface? What role does Whitebeard’s son have to play in all this? Is he even Whitebeard’s true son? What has Zoro been up to in Wano?

Will he finally show us the fruits of his training? What are the Rox? What secret is Garp hiding? And what did Big Mom do for Kaido so long ago that she now believes he owes her an eternal debt?

This is it. One Piece is getting all its ducks in a row. And I cannot wait to see how all these plots play out.


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