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Three is a crowd: David places himself in a tighter fix

David, Julie and Diane share different spaces in one another’s lives, yet their worlds collide on an axis none of them saw coming.


The past few days had been unbelievable, and so much had changed. David was a skilled lover; gentle and attentive, yet powerful and possessive at the same time. After the conference closed, we had finally managed to take the boat cruise to the foot of Murchison falls, and then made the several-minute hike to the top.                                                           

The sheer majestic beauty of the falls with a constant rainbow in their sun-kissed mist, and their force that made the ground vibrate beneath our feet, made it an almost fantasy-like experience that humbled us, and held us awestruck in the face of nature’s splendour.                         

Having David by my side, and knowing that it was only because of him that I was able to be there, filled me with a deep gratitude that I knew I would never be able to fully express, and as we stood there, I had known in that instant that I was not just attracted to this man; I was in love with him.          

But now we were headed back to the real world.            


Returning home on Sunday felt surprisingly awkward and alien. For starters, Diane was acting strange, practically hovering over me with completely uncharacteristic warmth and affection, wanting to carry my bag and tend to my every need before I even voiced it.                                            

It was definitely not typical Diane behaviour and instantly put me on my guard; what was going on here?

Had she somehow heard something about Julie, and was now buttering me up before swooping in for the kill?            

At the same time, it was not just Diane’s behaviour that was making this homecoming feel different, because I felt the change in me and my view as well. Usually, returning home to Diane sulking and the kids fighting felt familiar, and there was always a sense of home and belonging, no matter how frosty or chaotic it was; but today Diane was being loving, and the kids well behaved, yet I felt out of place somehow, like I didn’t belong there, or more accurately, like there was somewhere else I would rather be.

No prizes guessing where that “somewhere else” was; when I had dropped Julie off at her gate and we had hugged goodbye, it had been so hard to tear myself away from her.                           

The changes did not stop there; after a lovely dinner, I offered to put the kids to bed – not just to get some personal time with them after having been away, but also to get away from Diane, whose over attentiveness was beginning to become uncomfortable.

Normally she would have been glad for me to do so, especially since she continuously complained that I did not spend enough time with them, but not tonight.

“No, you’ve had a long journey, I’ll do it, you can tuck them in tomorrow,” she said graciously.    
It wouldn’t give me the time with the kids I had been hoping for, but it would get Diane out of my space for a while; so, I didn’t protest, and bade the kids goodnight, before thankfully escaping upstairs to the bedroom.

My reprieve was however very short-lived as 30 minutes later, Diane appeared in the doorway.                    

“Are the kids already asleep?” I asked in surprise, hoping my disappointment had not seeped into my tone.

“Thankfully yes; now we can have ‘us’ time,” she said suggestively, then went on as she headed for the bathroom: “I’ll just freshen up and be right back.”           

I wanted to tell her to take her time; that we did not need ‘us time’; that I just wanted to be left alone – but of course I could not, so I said nothing and just smiled weakly instead.                    

When she emerged a few minutes later, it was obvious she had seduction on her mind; she was dressed for bed in a short, silk and lace night dress, that stopped midway down her thighs, her hair let loose and lightly brushing her shoulders.


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