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Luc Besson returns with Anna

Anna Poliatova is beautiful. Her looks have won her money and fame, but Anna has a secret. She is an assassin. An incredibly strong, talented killer. And she is on a mission.

This is the basic premise of  Anna, Luc Besson’s latest film. Besson is an industry darling. He made The Professional and The Fifth Element, two movies that have since become cult classics.

But I watched Besson’s other project, Lucy, a fantasy thriller that featured Scarlet Johansson and a horrible movie by every standard you could possibly think to measure it. Still, it made a lot of money, driven solely by Johansson’s name and Besson’s reputation.

Luc Besson is also the man who made Valerian, a science fiction epic about a pair of adventurers looking to prevent untold destruction. As bad as Lucy might have been, Valerian was even worse. And unlike Lucy, Valarian was a box office failure.

Now we have Anna, a movie that features Sasha Luss as an unassuming assassin who spends her days jetting around the world and engaging in brutal, bare-knuckle fights.

I do not understand why this movie was made. Haven’t we seen this before? Is Besson trying to remake Atomic Blonde? That is what Anna feels like. Atomic Blonde featured Charlize Theron, a far bigger name than Sasha Luss and that movie failed at the Box Office.

The age of assassins fighting their way through Europe is over. No doubt, the fight scenes in Anna will be something to behold, but Atomic Blonde had the best fight scenes of the year it came out and still failed to capture attention.

People seem to think that Luc Besson is a genius. So, when Anna finally hits theaters on June 21, it is possible that he will exceed expectations by proving that everything we saw in the rather generic trailer barely scratches the surface of a far more engaging story.


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