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Levels Lounge fails twinkling test

If you have recently passed by Kitante on Kira road especially at night, you have probably seen the transformation of the former Seascallop restaurant.

Now occupying the same space is Levels Lounge, which from the outside looks magnificent and promises a spectacular dining experience. The decorative indoor and outdoor lighting has added a beauty to the once dull place. But while the décor is elegant and welcoming, the same cannot be said of the service or food.

Despite the numerous waiters and waitresses, it is so easy to walk in, take a table and stay unnoticed for some 15 minutes – not just at the bar, but in the restaurant as well.

Usually, aromas announce the piquancy of food at a place, but for Levels, there are no welcoming tantalizing aromas. There is not much variety offered especially under the main course although the breakfast section has more variety.

Fish and chips is among the expensive food items but if you are going to sell food at Shs 30,000, at least let it leave a lasting impression. But not here. The day The Observer visited, there was a wedding reception and a baby shower. A poorly-plated and colourless tilapia was delivered after about 45 minutes.

The fish had not been seasoned whatsoever – not even with salt. Fish lovers know too well that fish without salt is as tasteless as a piece of paper. Not even the chips were anything to write home, they were no better than the so-called kikalayi chips from a roadside restaurant. There are no hot hand towels offered here or visible hand wash sinks.

So, either carry your own wipes or you will have to make use of the toilets. Interestingly, the staff speak fondly of the place.

They will encourage you to check out their “magnificent washrooms”, which, apart from the slanting sink, have nothing else to speak of; not even a basic hand dryer or tissue dispenser.

Either the staff here have very low standards or have been coached to perfection.


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