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Sex talk: What is in the Japanese water?

A Japanese woman with her dog

A Japanese woman with her dog

Whatever the Japanese are eating must be responsible for their increasingly asexual lifestyle, and it should be mass-produced and distributed in other countries to ‘balance the boat’.

I come from a country where having just one sexual partner – leave alone celibacy – is inconceivable to a great many adults. Yet here is Japan, a country of people created by the same God, 25 per cent of people in their 20s and 30s are still virgins. 

According to a CNN report, public health experts at the University of Tokyo found that sexual inexperience was on the rise in the country, with the percentage of women aged 18 to 39 who had never had sex rising to 24.6 per cent in 2015. 

The change was greater for men of the same age, with 25.8 per cent virgins in 2015, up from 20 per cent in 1992.

“Sexual inexperience has become a national concern in Japan,” Peter Ueda, a public health researcher at the University of Tokyo and an author of the study, is quoted by CNN.

Of course Japanese aversion to sex has been well documented over the years, which is why the country is grappling with an aging population as less than one million babies are born a year, yet superb health and service industries ensure on the other hand that people on average live well into their 80s.

On the flip side, previous reports have found, even the non-virgin Japanese often choose career over relationships and marriage, and are comfortably celibate. Even a Ugandan man with a Japanese wife once confirmed that he amiably shares a bed with his wife for years on end without the need to copulate.

That is why I want to know that special ingredient in Japanese food that can even convert an African man’s sexual appetite the moment he steps on that land of geishas. Should we start eating the sushi? Is the self-control ingredient in the raw fish?

Not that I have a problem with my people having healthy sex lives; it is just that I can think of quite a few that could do with a little toning down, if you know what I mean!

And I am sure there is a wife or even husband somewhere, who would gladly ‘Japanise’ the spouse for harmony’s sake…

“By comparison, surveys from the UK, the United States and Australia suggest that rates of heterosexual inexperience are between one per cent and five per cent of adults in or around their 30s,” the report said.

So, it is not just the industrialization and ‘being busy’ factor. Ugandans are very busy people, but…eh!

It is reported that in Japan, women feel that marriage and sex come with ‘the possible burden’ of becoming pregnant and interrupting one’s career. So, they choose celibacy.

Still, choosing celibacy is one thing, but what if celibacy refuses to choose you?

It is why I am eagerly waiting for the report that conclusively says why the Japanese are this way.I read another report a few years ago that attributed the Japanese’s underwhelming sex lives to the uncertainty of life there.

Japan is known for its very frequent seismic activity, and it is thought that the average Japanese feels life is cheap, considering it can be snatched away by a tsunami or earthquake; so, why bring a child into it?

But that does not make sense, since the country has one of the world’s oldest populations. And despite Japan’s multibillion-dollar porn industry, Kukhee Choo, a media studies professor at Sophia University in Tokyo, told CNN discussions around sex remain taboo.

“Sex is seen as dirty and corrupting in Japan,” Choo said. “My students can’t use the word ‘penis’ or ‘vagina,’ and if a woman expresses any knowledge or interest in sex, you’re seen as a fallen woman. Men don’t talk about it, either.”

It is, nonetheless, so endearing to think there is still a country where majority of its youth under 20 years (more than 75 per cent in Japan) are virgins. The only problem: no one knows whether they are saving themselves for marriage…the fear is that it could be really long-term, as also the interest in marriage steeply declines with the interest in sex.

And the government technocrats are chewing at their cuticles nervously; how do they get a sexually-uninterested population to procreate and feed the labour market demands?

Well, thanks to sex – or in this case the lack of it – soon Japan that has been very strict on immigrations may be begging libidinous African professionals to ‘please come and fill the labour gaps’.

Hmm, the problems of the developed world!


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