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Three is a crowd: Is this how all ends begin?

David, Julie and Diane share different spaces in one another’s lives, yet their worlds collide on an axis none of them saw coming.


I had picked this particular restaurant with the belief that our dinner would be totally private, and although Diane’s friend did not appear to spot us, just knowing she was around made me uncomfortable.

Fortunately, darkness had fallen by this time, and she and her husband had opted to sit in the main dining area, such that even when Julie and I left as it approached nine, I was confident we were not seen.


Dinner with David was great.             

“Thank you for a wonderful evening; the dinner was lovely,” I said as he pulled up in front of my gate.              

“Thank you too, I had a great time. We must do it again soon; maybe Friday, when none of us has to worry about getting in to work early the next day. You don’t work on Saturdays, do you?”                               

“Sometimes, but I can’t this Friday; holidays are starting, and my sister is coming to stay with me; so, I’ve got to be home before her, to let her in,” I explained regretfully.                  

“Oh yes, you had mentioned that; how silly of me to forget! How about Saturday then? We could all go out together then; you know celebrate the start of the holiday sort of thing,” he suggested, and I froze.                 

How was I supposed to explain who David was to Sara? She might be younger than me, but she was not stupid; she would tell something was going on – ‘something’ that even I could not put a finger on.             

Over dinner, David had kept dropping increasingly flirty lines - and I had gobbled them all up. It felt good having a man flatter and compliment me, especially one as good- looking and accomplished as David.

In a strange way, it made my sense of self- worth grow. From his resting his hand on my back as we made our way to the table, to laying it over mine during dinner, and finally loosely draping an arm over my shoulders as we left, it was obvious that he was saying he wanted more than a casual friendship; and from the fact that I had not rebuffed any of his moves, I was showing him that I was open to more too.                                                         

Sara would see all this, and I was not ready for her to go spreading stories to the rest of the family.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit early to be meeting the family?” I tried to make light of my rejection. Suddenly, he got a very serious expression, as he looked me straight in the eye and then leaned forward.

“Fair enough, but I hope you are comfortable with this,” he said, his tone so low it was almost a whisper, and then he kissed me!                                

The sound of the gate being opened, brought us back to reality, and I quickly pulled away, to see the gatekeeper looking out questioningly.

My heart was racing, my mind spinning from what had just happened; I needed to escape to gather my thoughts – and my heart.

“I think I had better go in,” I said quietly.

David sighed, clearly disappointed by the interruption.

“Alright, you have a good night; I’ll call you in the morning,” he nodded reluctantly.                                   


I was sitting up in bed reading a book when David got back. After a quick “hi”, he was about to go on into our adjoining bathroom, but I was not letting him off that easily this time.        

I was tired of pussyfooting around his silly, sulky behaviour, especially with a new maid in the house.

I would not have my home and marriage discussed as village gossip, simply because David was sulking like a child who had not gotten his way, coming home this late just because we had had an argument.                                                    

“So you coming back early was only valid for a day,” I remarked sarcastically. He sighed, and continued on towards the bathroom.

“Diane, please don’t start; I’m not in the mood for it right now.”


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