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If only House of Madonna had better service!


The location is perfect – in the middle of the city. The setup is top-notch and it is impressively tidy. The workers are smartly dressed in uniforms and aprons, but service at The House of Madonna leaves a lot to be desired.

Madonna has been on my review radar for quite some time, but on the previous two occasions, for one reason or other, I failed to make it to this restaurant located on Kimathi avenue, opposite City Hall.

On first impressions, it is quite impressive and well spaced, but beyond that comes the awful customer service that does not belong in such a place. Perhaps, when The Observer visited, it was still too early and the staff had not geared up for the flow of the day.

First, they body-scan from a distance every new customer before leisurely walking to the table after more than a five-minute wait. Then they silently gaze at you as if to say “Mister, do what brought you here and order…”

I can cut them some slack though, because I watched at least three sets of people walk in, exchange some documents before walking out minutes later without ordering for anything. Maybe the waitresses are used to such scenarios and thus take their time so as to find out if you are a genuine customer or not.

I was presented with a menu that should have already been archived at least three years ago. The menu items include all sorts of mojitos, smoothies, continental breakfasts, pizza varieties, etc.

On ordering for the ginger mojito, as if shocked, the waitress asked me to locate it on the menu. When I pointed it out, she inquired from the kitchen and was told they could not make it, but I could settle for the orange, passion and mango juice available in the dispenser.

When I switched to a double mocha, she flatly told me: “Look, we only have those three juices that I have mentioned and African tea, black tea and coffee. That’s what you will have to do with.”

At least the English breakfast platter made of well-poached eggs, tasty grilled Irish potato slices, bacon, beef sausages, seasoned half grilled tomatoes and bread was available. The African tea is served in a large teapot, enough for at least two people. It is just a shame that bad service can leave you too peeved to enjoy a great meal.



0 #1 Clive 2019-03-25 00:27
A traditional English breakfast would have included pork sausages and a fried egg rather than beef sausages and poached egg.
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