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Mega restaurant is cheap and quick

It had never occurred to me that most restaurants in uptown Kampala do not actually work on Sunday. From Parliamentary avenue, Kimathi avenue, Sir Apollo Kaggwa road to Kampala road, all the restaurants I have always wanted to review for this column were closed.

And that is how I ended up at Mega restaurant and takeaway located on Kampala road’s Church House after a tedious walk. Of course the usual high-end restaurants whose menus you can easily exhaust in about five outings were open, but I wanted to experience something different.

Mega restaurant is a very spacious restaurant with some private seats at the balcony. The food ranges from Irish potatoes katogo, chicken pilau, matoke katogo and that is as far their local foods can go at least on the day The Observer visited.

Not being a fan of the katogo varieties, I settled for chicken pilau which took approximately 45 seconds only to arrive. I inquired if that was how quick the service always was, and I was told that the food is prepared early and put in warmers. Here, food presentation and plating clearly does not matter.

The pilau was served mountain-packed in one of those very thin disposable plates with avocado slices and vegetable salad dropped at the top. It did not make the greatest of looks, but the great taste of the pilau made up for the wrong plating.

It was well spiced with black pepper pellets and coriander, with sweetly flavoured carrots and deep-fried half-cooked onions. Chicken soup gravy was served on the side but the pilau was relatively juicy enough to be eaten without it – with two big pieces of chicken therein – if only the chicken were boneless! Otherwise, you have to dig in with your fingers.

The chicken flavour was in the rice too and despite its simplicity in cooking it, you could tell that this was cooked by an experienced chef. The chicken pilau goes for Shs 12,000 and is one of the most priced items. Food here can go for as low as Shs 8,000.

Goat meat and fish are the priciest at Shs 25,000 and Shs 30,000, respectively. Their cocktail juice that they call the punch, goes for Shs 7,000. So, you can eat and have a drink – all under Shs 20,000. Mega restaurant is certainly worth a second visit for the food alone.


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