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Three is a crowd: How did we get here?

David, Julie and Diane share different spaces in one another’s lives, yet their worlds collide on an axis none of them saw coming.


“I told you, my life is pretty boring.”         

“And I told you, not at all – I think it shows a great deal of maturity, because so many young people these days, are all about the party, and it is such a waste. It’s nice to meet one with her priorities straight.”                        

I blushed at David’s compliment; it had been so long since anyone had paid me one, and I was not even too sure how to respond, except with a shy “thanks”.

But I did not have to, as the waiter arrived with our starters then, providing the perfect distraction.


This time, probably because of how late it was, she let me drive her right to her gate. I pulled up in front of a black gate, through whose bars I could see a row of small rental units.

I wanted to kiss Julie there and then, but held myself back. She was nervous and jittery again, and I did not want to scare her off. I knew that if I wanted to see her again, which I did, I would have to progress very slowly. Julie was the kind of girl you took your time on. I would wait.

“Goodnight then,” I smiled. “Goodnight,” she relaxed again, and after another brief smile, got out of the car.                                                            

I waited until she was inside the compound, with the gate closed behind her, before backing up. As I got to the highway, I turned on the radio and hummed along to the song playing, it had been a great night.


David still had not returned by the time I collapsed into bed exhausted right after the nine o’clock news, and I felt my blood begin to boil, especially since despite having to mind three children, and clean the house, I had still managed to cook a great dinner of pork chops and potatoes, with a spinach and mushroom cream sauce, and he had not even come for it.

Still, I was determined not to react when he did eventually come home. When he felt like he had sulked enough, he would find the house clean and dinner cooked - proof that I had learned my lesson, and life would return to normal.                                       

Thankfully, my mother had promised to send me a new maid tomorrow; so, at least I would have some help again, and would be able to return to my own job and not have my life revolve around only childcare, cleaning and cooking.    

I don’t know what time he finally came back, as I had slept so deeply that I had not heard a thing all night, until my alarm went off at five, and there he was asleep in our bed beside me.       

He pulled his pillow over his head to block out the ringing of the alarm, while I turned it off, and climbed out of bed with a sigh. Another day had begun.


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