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Fik Fameica warms up for album launch with Club Dome thriller

Fik Fameica thrills fans in Gulu

Fik Fameica thrills fans in Gulu

You may never know your level of popularity until you step out of the comfort zone, so goes a popular performer’s adage.

That’s exactly what Fik Fameica (real name Shafik Walukagga) experienced on Saturday night in Gulu as he headlined the Club Dome event at Acholi quarters.

Club Dome shows are often held in a high school setting and basically target youths, especially campusers, a demographic that feeds into Fik Fameica’s music. But what made this special is the fact that the artiste was performing for the first time at Acholi Inn, Gulu’s town’s top entertainment centre.

Fik Fameica is scheduled to hold his show dubbed My Journey Concert on  December 14 at Kyadondo Rugby grounds; so, this was the perfect opportunity to build momentum.

Prior to the show, he admitted uncertainty about the reception he would get from the Gulu fans. But if he had any lingering doubts about his popularity, it was extinguished by the high turnout even before he stepped on stage.

As has been the case at previous Club Dome events, fans poured in droves at Acholi Inn grounds – partly enticed by the cheap Club beer which was sold at just Shs 2,500 – and by 9pm, the spacious area was filled to the brim.

Gulu homeboys Borntown Okeng, BSG Labong, MC Fabulous rolled off the entertainment with Luo-laden hits that were familiar with the audience. By the time Fik Fameika stepped onto the podium a few minutes close to midnight, organisers had closed the gates and didn’t let in any more revelers.

What took many by surprise was hyperactive nature of his Gulu fans to the extent of singing along hits such as My Property, Kachima and Gwe Abisobola, among others. Fik FAmeika too was stunned and let them dictate the rhythm of the show.

He went on to sample some of his freshest hits such as Born To Win and Tubikole, much to the wild excitement of the audience. By the time DJs Ciza, Dash and Apeman took over the floor for the rest of the night, the crowd was still yearning for more Fik Fameica.

He couldn’t have dreamt of a better test for his My Journey concert.

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