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Slick Stuart, Roja shine

Roja (L) and Slick Stuart (R) do their thing

Roja (L) and Slick Stuart (R) do their thing

There is no doubt that DJs Roja and Slick Stuart have turned around the industry through branding. Way back, all DJs were famous for was mixing hits. That’s all. Fine, some were stars in their own right but only a handful were business oriented as this duo.

On Friday night, they held the annual Mixtape party at a sellout Golf Course hotel. This is quite unusual for DJs to have such a loyal following the Mixtape party has been growing over time and this was the fifth edition.

Kicking off shortly after 8pm, the party started with entertainment from various artistes such as Phantom of the Ompalula Buwaluzi fame and Winnie Nwagi.

Meanwhile, Roja and Slick Stuart were mingling with the crowd as they gave away Uganda Waragi freebies to revelers, many of whom seemed star-struck.

Subsequent performances from King Saha, Chameleone and prepared the audience for the night’s main attraction at around midnight.

The duo didn’t let up on the fun with synchronized mixes that have made them a top brand in the industry. Roja and Slick Stuart amplified the performance by performing their new collabo with King Saha called Very Well.

The song is fast becoming an instant hit just a few months after its release. With this ever-growing fanbase, one wonders how far the duo can go but one thing is clear, they are getting bigger and bigger by the day.

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