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Make your own meal at Copper Chimney

How do you make your own meal without stepping into the kitchen?

Well, at The Copper Chimney restaurant located at the Lugogo cricket oval, you can. And no, you won’t choose between luwombo and eshabwe or frikadeller; it is an Indian food restaurant, for specifically north Indian cuisine.

We non-Indians may never know the difference between Indian north and Indian south food, but if all north Indian food is this tasty, may it be northern food from now on!

For the Express Combo, served from 11am to 3pm, Monday to Friday, you get to choose one starter, one main course accompanied with choice of rice and choice of naan.

Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians are catered for here. I went for the fish amritsari over the burg malai kebab and mutton seekh kebab. Amristari is described as a great starter or complement for the main course.

It is simply deep-fried fish of our local tilapia variety. It was too tender for my liking with a flat taste. Not a greater starter for me, but it did not take me off course as I stayed with fish even for the main course.

I went for the fish kolapuri for the main course. This is more or less a fish curry – very, very tasty and goes so well with the butter naan that I chose over the garlic and plain naan. Choice of rice is between plain steamed or jeera rice, which is full of the flavored jeera seeds and cooked with butter.

This is perfect rice where every grain stands on its own. You can literally pick grain by grain and it is so tasty that it can be eaten on its own. It is even tastier with the raita – a yoghurt sauce.

We are not yet done, because there is still the spicy dal tadka made of pea lentils. It tastes a bit like half-mashed Irish potatoes cooked in veggie sauce. It also complements the rice quite well.


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