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Bryan White invites Kampala’s ‘hardcore criminals’ to his home

Bryan White addresses the gangs at his home in Munyonyo

Bryan White addresses the gangs at his home in Munyonyo

City socialite Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White has another dream: to turn Uganda’s criminals into gainfully employed individuals.

This involves registering them for income-generating projects, instead of his usual tactics of splashing out cash.

Having been reportedly conned out of more than Shs 600m by different groups, the controversial boss of Bryan White Foundation is now changing strategy and identifies youths’ needs before buying them actual tools of trade rather than giving them cash.

He had organized perceived hardcore criminals into groups, then got their confessions on camera as they also outlined what businesses would help them quit a life of crime.

At least 20 alleged criminal groups turned up at White’s Munyonyo home, and included commercial sex workers, robbers, drug users, Jonathan Jemba, who is the self-confessed ringleader of mobile phone snatchers and Sharif Kasujja who said he heads the burglars.

He had asked his unusual guests to return and pick their tools of trade after a week, which did not go down well and pandemonium broke out. The criminals lost it when they realized they were not walking away with millions from White’s swanky home, even as he organised a modest transport refund for them.

The security detail could not rein in the errant gangs as they seemed to run amok in the compound, sending journalists scampering for safety until White himself stepped out with a stick and physically evicted the ‘guests’ from his property.

One can only hope the ‘guests’ don’t come back later to try and forcefully get those millions. At the function, he also gave Ntinda Cab Drivers Association 11 cars for their trade.



+3 #1 Kelly 2018-11-19 14:24
You breed a python as a pet; it is only a matter of time before it is big enough to swallow you!!

Anyway, if these are self-confessed criminals, have they first apologized to their victims before they can be forgiven and reformed?

How and who reached out to these criminals? Isn’t the person an accomplice because s/he knows them but has never reported them to the authorities?

How come police has not taken action and swooped to apprehend them to be screened later?

By the way, who runs this country? So what happens between now and that time when the “Mighty brother” delivers well on his promise?

Will these criminals be allowed to go back to their trade as they wait for the final submission of proposal for rehabilitation?

You can see how many questions come to mind and you wonder whether this country has any sense of direction.
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+1 #2 Wainanchi 2018-11-20 09:21
It is a very prudent and well laid plan and proposal.In other countries it happened something very similar.

Gand members who were looting and making numerous violations came to senses and accepted society,s offers and groups under umbrella of good behaviour and cooperation.

They lamented publicly that as young people they were foolish. They came to understand their sins and mistakes and wanted to join mainstream society ,they wanted to have normal families and offsprings and to be useful to o the society Anyways,we are all failable ,make mistakes but also learn from them The sooner the better.Thise with negative attitudes and intentions just waste their time and others time Not worth responding to them all time
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