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Cafe Mocca breakfast gave me chicken to remember

They surely do take their time but once the bread-crumbed chicken strips are delivered, they are worth the wait.

Cafe Mocca, along Said Barre avenue, is one of Kampala’s pocket-friendly restaurants. I have had my fair share of chicken tastings around this city, but tell you what; Cafe Mocca’s chicken strips (fingers) are on their own scale.

The chicken tenderness is well- balanced with the crunchy breadcrumb toppings. The scrambled eggs were well-cheesed and weren’t weeping with water or very fluffy.

The most expensive breakfast combo goes for Shs 20,000 (minus tea) and is served with two beef sausages, baked beans, eggs (with your choice of preparation), fried potato rounds and chicken strips. I also went for their signature carrot juice, which goes for Shs 9,000.

Though at first it gives off that earthy and medicinal smell similar to beetroot, the taste of juice was as smooth as they come. I had imagined a heavy puree in a glass, but it was well sieved - leaving no trace of carrots behind. If only they could add ginger, the taste would be more marvelous.   

Perhaps the one area where Mocca comes short is on the salads. It is just one slice of a tomato, a half-leaflet lettuce and one slice of cucumber placed on the side.

The salad looked so orphaned in taste and out of place on the rather very delicious meal.


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