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Butter, then cheese up your rice for a golden taste

The taste of rice is widely accepted to be universal. Even for the Thai rice that is served in cold water, the taste is still the same.

Nevertheless, you can give your rice a golden look and taste by adding milk, cheese and butter.

The cooking is simple, really. No complications whatsoever - especially if you have a microwave. As matter of fact, cooking rice in a microwave nearly cuts the cooking time by half. I will avoid ingredient amount because these are based purely on the chef’s cooking style and preference.

Microwaving rice is extremely tricky as too much water will make the rice soggy - and too little water and the rice will be dry. The trick is in first half-cooking the rice from another source (it’s worth all the trouble).

Just half cook your rice (with enough salt) and then pour a little bit of milk in an oven-friendly tray depending on the amount of rice you have prepared.  In the tray, pour your first layer of rice. 

Add about 2-4 tablespoonfuls of cheese and butter (depending on your preference). 

Now pour another layer of rice and pour more milk on top. Add another scoop or two of butter and cheese. Microwave for about five minutes or even less and the milk and butter will melt away into the rice. The aroma will be smelt metres away and the rice can be eaten with or without sauce. 


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