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Cafesserie’s veggie fishy breakfast

Avocado and sim sim? How and who comes up with such pairings? How do they even taste together?

Well, welcome to Acacia mall-based Cafesserie’s Super salmon salad breakfast.

It is one of their breakfast specials – served in form of quinoa, chickpeas, kale leaves, raw mint leaves, avocado sprinkled with sim sim and honey mustard dressing.

The plating is inviting enough; so, let’s dig in and taste. The smoky-nutty taste of sim sim seeds combined with the buttery taste of avocado was a new heavenly discovery for me.

I would definitely have it again. And if you thought avocado with sim sim was queer enough, well, the sight of quinoa in the meal was even queerer.

The protein-rich quinoa looks like fish eggs and has a flat taste. Quinoa, apparently originated from South America and was spread to North America and Europe by the Spanish.

It tastes better with the kale leaves’ bitter taste and the boiled chickpeas. The round taste is completed with the honey mustard dressing that obviously goes well with almost any vegetables.

The salmon piece is as small as they come but tastes nearly like our own local deep-fried sabulenya (nile perch). The piece is so small and tasty that it will be done before you know it. 

The chickpeas are served in plenty here and make up nearly 70% of the entire breakfast meal that goes for Shs 29,000. Worth it, if you are vegetarian, but not so much if you are the meaty foodie.


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