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Eureka! I have discovered an Indian breakfast

I have always wondered what an Indian breakfast looks like.

Is it as spicy as other Indian meals? My online research landed me on a Huffington Post article published last year that sought to compile breakfasts from across the globe.

It said the editors and reporters struggled to find an Indian breakfast, because, traditionally, Indians do not have the practice of eating breakfast. Like in Uganda, an Indian breakfast is whatever your hands can land on in the morning.

Nevertheless, I sauntered into The Bistro at Kisementi and asked for ‘Indian breakfast’.

And lo behold, there was one – the ‘Bistro Indian breakfast’. It comes with two wheat parathas (Indian bread) served with sugarless yoghurt, butter and mango pickle. It is served hot, spicy and very vegetarian.

The paratha is actually more like two small Ugandan chapatti stuffed with spiced potatoes. Inside the parathas are lots of onions and coriander.

Of course the pickle is hot, but with the yoghurt, you can easily ‘cool’ it down. If you are into spicy and Indian food, this is it. The waiter had warned me against this particular choice unless I was into Indian food.

“That bread doesn’t taste nice,” he said.

But not only am I into Indian and spicy food, I also like to try out new meals whenever I get the chance. I was not disappointed.

The breakfast is served with ‘free’ Masala tea in a very small cup that will leave you yearning for more. Separately, the tea ranges between Shs 5,000 and 8,000.

The Bistro Indian breakfast is priced at Shs 24,000. However, there are other cheaper breakfasts with more food variety.

And, with the birds chirping away from the nearby flowerpots and glowing sweet melodies in the background, it is hard to imagine you are still in the same Kisementi area that is always annoyingly buzzing with activity in the evening.



0 #1 Charles Magoye 2018-08-10 05:43
Dear Frank,

Thanks for the tip on this breakfast. I am an Indian food addict!

But here is some maths though (based on the photo contents):
2 X Parathas (@1,000/-) = UGX2,000/-
1 X Mango Pickle serving = UGX 500/-
1 X Yoghurt dip (sugarless) = UGX1,000/-
1 X Butter portion = UGX 500/-
1 X Tea Masala (missing) = UGX1,000/-
Total = UGX5,000/-

Where do you get 24,000/- from..!!!???
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