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Like Marvel, DC should allow fans some fun

San Diego Comic Con has come and gone, and nerds the world over are still basking in the glory of all the trailers they threw at us in that singular week.

DC supposedly won the entire convention. The Warner Bros. superhero brand has been mired in so much controversy over the last several years that they desperately needed a win.

The Aquaman and Shazam trailers did not rock anyone’s world. But they did their job, or so DC claims. The trailers were supposed to change the narrative; to show that Warner Bros. was finally listening to fans, veering away from the much-maligned darkness of Zack Snyder’s film-making sensibilities in favour of lighter, more adventurous tones.

I can attest to the fact that they succeeded in that particular goal, even though I was not particularly impressed by either trailer.

The Aquaman and Shazam trailers proved what most comic books fans already knew; that DC could have fun. That is, honestly, all that Marvel does.

Kevin Feige’s kraal of talented directors knows how to generate fun in the theater. So, does that mean DC is finally in the clear? Can we expect rousing success to follow these Warner Bros-produced superhero movies in the coming months? I don’t think so.

Remember when Wonder Woman came out? Remember how awesome those trailers were? The movie was a bombastic success critically and financially. And everyone was so sure Wonder Woman had marked a turning point for DC, banishing the negativity the brand elicited and drawing naysayers and critics back to the table.

But then Justice League came out, crushed and burned, and the truth became starkly clear: DC had burned through too much of its goodwill with fans and it would take more than one great movie to turn things around.

Here is what happened with Justice League. People looked at those trailers and  thought, “Yeah, that looks good. But I’ve been here before.”

The Man of Steel trailers were awesome. But the movie was just so-so. Of course, I let that slide. I figured they would make it up to me with the sequel. They did.

BVS had one of the greatest trailers anyone has ever put to film; surely DC couldn’t possibly fail, right?

Wrong. BVS was so bad/lackluster/dull it shattered my heart. Yet even then I still hoped. Why? Because Suicide Squad was just around the corner and those trailers looked so awesome. I mean, a movie that quirky, that experimental, that crazy could not fail. Or could it?

Well, it could, and it did and I was done. Wonder Woman got a pass on account of it being so different, so distant from the main DCEU universe, not to mention the fact that it was the first female-led superhero movie in history.

But I am done trusting DC. I don’t care how awesome these trailers are. To be clear, I am not trying to say that Shazam and The Aquaman will be bad movies. I am saying that I don’t think fans will give them the chance they deserve because they have been burned one time too many.

Of course, I won’t sit here and tell DC fans that they should not get excited over those two trailers. But I think they should temper their excitement.


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