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Sheraton’s perfect cocktail night almost ruined by ‘normal’ food

Once competition sets in, the consumer is usually the beneficiary; more variety and reduced prices.

Sheraton hotel Kampala is now launching more themed nights like never before. Latest on their list is, Stilettos and Cocktails every first Thursday of the month. Only Sheraton may know the connection between stilettos and cocktails.

At first, I thought the stilettos were the entrance ‘fee’ for the ladies. But there’s no entrance fee into their Equator bar. Nevertheless, the first cocktail is free for the ladies (irrespective of your footwear, don’t worry).

In comparison to their neighbours, Sheraton’s cocktails on Stilettos and Cocktail night are some of the cheapest on the market.

The most expensive is the Femme Ivre at Shs 20,000 – a combination of vodka, Bailey’s and coffee. It’s a knock-me-quick stuff.

Take in its inviting gulps uncontrollably, and you may have to ask the next day how you got home. The aroma of roasted coffee beans, soothed by the Bailey’s cream and accentuated by the vodka justifies its pricing above the rest. The rest of the cocktails are priced at Shs 15,000.

The teetotallers are also catered for by the Shandy and Virgin cocktails. Shandy is a combination of Stoney Tangawizi and Sprite sodas and bitters.

Virgin is made of fresh melon, pineapple, passion orange juice and grapes. Every day from now on, according to Sheraton management, there will always be a cocktail of the day which will be discounted by about 10 per cent.


Now, raise the stakes too high, and risk having other aspects appear like a downgrade.

It was not that Sheraton’s food was bad; it was just normal. As in, normal for normal, but too normal for Sheraton’s grade.

From the plating to the taste, there was nothing special. My choice of chips and fish fingers tasted as plain and ordinary as they come.

And no, it was not the Femme Ivre cocktail confusing my tastes. That was the downside to this job that many don’t seem to understand: “How can you not like a job that makes you eat good food and drink expensive stuff?”

Well, it is one thing eating for enjoyment and another eating for a story – paying attention to detail.



0 #1 Empayippayi 2018-06-16 14:54
I wish I had your job, mate!
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