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Spotlight: Trouble has a name and bad timing

As promised, I messaged Greg once I got home from the police station.

“Hey, I’m done with the police and back home now. You were right; it wasn’t that bad.”

He replied a few minutes later.

“Great! I told you it would be fine. In studio, will call for all the details later.”

I sighed as I read the message; once again Greg was unavailable, and once again, he had a valid reason for it: he was working. I knew I was being petty and unreasonable for feeling as bothered by his absence as I was, but I could not help it.

While I had missed Chris whenever we were apart during our first years together, that hadn’t been the case for a long time as I had gone from missing him to actually looking forward to him being away.

However, with Greg, probably because we were not together much to start with, I was still at the stage where I missed him when he was gone.

I hated it because I knew it had me acting needy and clingy, both things I did not want to be, and yet I did need Greg; I did want to cling to him, especially at times like these, when my life was feeling knocked out of order.

Another reality was simply that I was lonely. I had always lived with someone; first my family, then Chris, then C.G.

This being by myself was new, and I was not too sure I liked it that much. Over time, I had managed to lose all my old friends, as our lives had taken such opposite directions and we had drifted apart.

That left me with Chris’ friends, and the only thing we had in common was Chris; so, those were acquaintances rather than friends.

Greg had helped me fill the void, but as he was making it increasingly clear, he was not always going to be available to take that spot, no matter how much I still needed him to.

By nine that evening, my sense of loneliness had increased tenfold; Greg had not called back, instead texting me to say he was still very tied up, and probably would not be able to see me.

Feeling depressed and very sorry for myself, I had poured myself a drink as it began to grow dark around seven, and since then, I had at least three more, each stronger than the last.

Although I had quit smoking when I had C.G, I still had the occasional cigarette when I was stressed, and in the past two hours, I had gone through half a packet.

When I began to sway slightly as I walked, I decided that it was time to call it a night, and was just about to lock up when there was a knock at the door. My mood surged instantly; Greg had managed to come after all, I thought to myself with a smile as I hurriedly opened the door.

My heart sank, for standing on my front porch was not Greg, but his brother Julius.

“Hey, you’re looking a whole lot better than you were the last time I saw you,” he said brightly, while breezing past me into the living room.

“What are you doing here, Julius?” I demanded angrily as I shut the door and spun round to face him.

“Visiting the woman behind all the news at the moment. I see you are celebrating,” he indicated my drink on the coffee table, then went on slyly: “But a party of two is a whole lot more fun than a party of one.”

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