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Café Javas indeed big on breakfast

If you are a brunch lover, look no further than Café Javas’ generous breakfast combos.

Just as the inscription on their morning staff T-shirts boldly and proudly says, ‘We’re big on breakfast’, Javas’ breakfast is indeed big. It even numbs the bite of the Shs 19,500 price tag, which is enough for lunch at many high-end eateries.

The available combo choices to choose from include country steak and eggs, grilled steak and eggs, fried chicken and waffles benedict, grilled chicken and eggs, breakfast pancake sampler, vegetable combo and Java’s house breakfast.

If you prefer a fruit bowl, you part with an extra Shs 5,000 and Shs 3,000 for toast. Also, if you want to substitute the potato wedges with plantain, you pay an extra Shs 1,500.

My choice of grilled chicken and eggs of course came with eggs, two grilled chicken breast pieces that have a tangy taste, two slices of toasted bread (you can choose between brown and white), golden brown wedges, coffee and a glass of juice.

If, as the nutritionists say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day that influences every aspect of the day, Javas’ breakfast risks leaving you too full to concentrate on much for a while, especially if you are not known for your big appetite, like me.

Maybe it is best taken at intervals, or shared. But again, the big portions are what Café Javas is best known for.


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