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Luke Cage; not again!


We just got the trailer for Luke Cage season two; so, this is as good a time as any to talk about our expectations for the next batch of 13 episodes.

I thought Luke Cage Season One was pure trash. And with the way people were practically trampling over one another for the opportunity to praise the season when it first hit Netflix, I know my opinion is a controversial one.

Luke Cage, if you have not watched it, follows the exploits of a muscular, mildly intelligent black fellow who, through the machinations of a mysterious organization, is gifted with unbreakable skin.

Suddenly indestructible and with no other purpose in life, Luke Cage makes it his mission to save his friends and neighbors from the drug dealers and criminals running rampant in his community.

Listen, I get it; Luke Cage Season One was not made for me. The show came out at a time in the United States when racial tensions were at an all-time high.

Black men were dying in alarming numbers at the hands of police officers, and I cannot blame a show like Luke Cage for attempting to tackle the topic.

I personally think they went a little too far with the social message. I have no problem with television shows that attempt to push particular social, political or even religious ideas, so long as the story does not suffer.

Season one was all social messages and nothing else; a hollow attempt at bringing the plight of the black man in America to the small screen. And that is all good and well if you are a black man living in the United States.

Unfortunately, I happen to be a black man in Africa that could not even begin to relate to all the drivel Luke Cage kept regurgitating in every episode; and I call it drivel because, after a while, all that talk of civil rights and slavery and black history got really tiresome.

I wanted a superhero show with a black lead. The producers saw fit to give us a black show with very little ‘superhero’ in it. The result was one of the dullest shows I saw that entire year.

I cannot even begin to fathom why anyone thought it reasonable to sink even more money into a second season.

But here we are. The trailer for season two was disturbingly mediocre. On the positive side, we see Luke Cage finally accepting his role as a superhero.

The idiot spent way too many episodes of season one whining about his desire to live a quiet life away from the madness and the mayhem. The second season trailer shows Cage finally breaking free of those constraints.

And it looks like he has an actual adversary. On top of its many faults, Season One was made worse by the fact that it lacked tension, which is what happens when you have an indestructible protagonist.

It kills the stakes.

Season two is giving us an enemy that can actually hurt the dullest hero the Defenders have to offer. I was hoping to get a little more Iron Fist in this. Misty Knight is okay, and I guess her robot arm will give her a more significant role to play but she is not nearly as engaging a sidekick as Iron Fist.

We can expect more social messages, and I am perfectly happy with that so long as the story does not suffer.

So far, I would not shed a tear if the entire Luke Cage franchise were shelved forever. Season Two has a lot of work to do to win me over.


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