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We have a light side even in anime


Anime may look like cartoons, but the two mediums could not be more different; but if you want to convert an anime hater into an anime fan, it helps if you try to reach them at their point of understanding.

What we watch and what we enjoy is typically determined by our personalities, experiences, and perspectives on life. The lives some people have lived are such that they will watch the bombastic nature of Kill la Kill and their brains will simply fail to compute it.

But that is why I am here; to help you find that entry point that will perfectly appeal to your unique sensibilities. And trust me when I say that once you find that one anime that your brain can comprehend, it won’t be long before you start consuming the more complex stuff.

My Hero Academia is the anime you watch if you love cartoons and comics. Actually, this anime is a perfect entry-level show for anyone just looking for a good time.

The series has 38 episodes so far.

It takes viewers to a world where superpowers are commonplace. Every single individual is born with a special ability called a quirk. And once you discover your quirk, you will either go to the academy to train to become a hero, or slink off into some alley and engage in villainy.

Izuku Midoriya takes center stage as the one boy that does not have superpowers. Born with a stout heart, an iron will, and an obsessive desire to save the world, My Hero Academia follows Midoriya on his journey to become humanity’s greatest hero.

This one has everything that makes anime great. The characters are insanely quirky. The storylines seem silly enough at the start, and yet the show always succeeds in delivering so much emotional heft.

The action is eye-popping and over the top. Think X-Men and Justice League and Avengers and every other Marvel or DC superhero title rolled into one.

My Hero Academia is anime, but it is also likely to strike a chord in the hearts of cartoon enthusiasts; blame it on the colour pallet, the artistic choices, and the music.

And this is not a cheat either; it is not like we are recommending a Japanese-style cartoon to anime haters, because we don’t think they can handle anime.

There are plenty of anime idiosyncrasies in My Hero Academia. This is the sort of show you watch if you think anime is too serious or too bizarre or unnecessarily complicated.

Think of it as the ice cream of the otaku world: easy to consume, easy to digest and great for the taste buds.


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