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Celebrating Bitature, the man behind Angenoir, Tropicana 110 discotheques

In Uganda, any conversation about elite entrepreneurs that have spread their influence far and wide would not be complete without the mention of Patrick Bitature.

It is why Robert Bake Tumuhaise, the brains behind World of Inspiration publishers, decided to put together a book about Bitature’s journey as a business mogul.

Inspired by Bitature: Timeless Lessons From Patrick Bitature Uganda’s Legendary Business Mogul Behind The Simba Group Of Companies, the author shows what it takes to succeed in life and business.

Tumuhaise draws from first hand experience being around Bitature, a man he first met in 2006, after graduating from Makerere University, when he was seeking a mentor for his passion as a writer/publisher.

Tumuhaise needed someone to inspire him go it alone without having to be employed for long. And that was Bitature, who, since the age of 14 created a source of income for himself.

Bitature will be celebrating his 58th birthday on May 10, an indication of how the biggest part of his life has been spent in self-employment.

In this book, the first to document Bitature as a man that has made a difference to society through his business innovations and philanthropy, Tumuhaise talks about life being a course of three phases: learning, working and teaching.

The death of Bitature’s father (Paul Bitature) in 1973 proved to be a learning point in the young man’s life. The book highlights how Bitature experienced lack of school fees and how tea in his family was often sugarfree due to poverty.

The hardships pushed him to become innovative. He started out by travelling to Kenya to buy sugar, which he sold upon his return.

Thereafter, Bitature sold clothes on Luwum street before starting a nightclub, the once very popular Tropicana 110, and later Club Angenoir that he later sold to Charlie Lubega. He was also the man behind the once famous Blitz video library on Kampala road.

Inspired by Bitature showcases a systematic growth of a man from small startups to multibillion investments. From a range of excerpts from keynote speeches Bitature has made over the years at university graduation ceremonies, seminars and author fora, he advises Ugandans to use employment as a finance base to propel them towards business investment.

By selling sugar, clothes, beer and movies, Bitature started small, yet by 2010 his company Simba Telecom sold airtime worth $80 million. Simba Telecom now has branches in Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria.

In November 2012, Bitature was listed by Forbes magazine among the five richest Ugandans, inspiring many Ugandans, including Tumuhaise, whose publication house World of Inspiration is growing steadily, having published 300 books to date.

The book talks about financial literacy and management, raising capital from zero and governance, as key factors to living a successful life.

There is no better yardstick than Bitature, a man who has done it all – real estate, hotels, media and entertainment (Dembe FM and Zuku TV), banking, energy, oil and gas.

The book will be launched this Saturday April 14 at Protea hotel, Kololo.


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