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Black and White whiskey revives my Kampala nightlife nostalgia

Saturday night found me at the newest hangout in town, Arena sports bar in Kamwokya, right opposite Acacia mall. Remembering its old smoke-filled sweaty days, then called Iguana, the hangout made me feel like an old man.

It was nothing like I remembered, as it has been renovated and given a breath of fresh air with a new look, bigger screens, sound system and better sitting arrangement that allows revellers to play board games.

Guests try out the Black and White whiskey 

The well-lit Black and White whisky section of the bar, in particular, brought new life to the party life I remembered in my bar-hopping days.

They called it the Black and White Scottish Whiskey cocktail mentoring bar. I made a beeline for it. The mixologist was taking a group of six eager learners through a step-by-step trial of how to make a cocktail.

Lemon, salt, whiskey, mint and eggs. Yes; eggs in an alcoholic cocktail. I had to have a turn at this. But the young and happy of this new party life could not let me; I had to get in line.

On the benches were a few patrons – probably fans of Arsenal, Chelsea or Liverpool – played cards and ignored the Manchester derby.

However, some youthful lads on the right could not let them enjoy their game of cards in peace, as they were also loudly cheering on Paul Pogba who scored twice for Manchester United to lead his team to victory.

The young ladies are always a sight to behold. Dressed like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj in a show of skimpy dresses, cropped tops and tight skirts, they reminded me of my days when I was just as young and gullible. I am glad I am all grown up.

Finally, my turn at the whiskey bar came; I followed the process perfectly to come up with a cocktail. A smooth one too!

As I enjoyed my drink with the triumphant Manchester United fans, I knew that if I cannot bring myself to fit into this crowd ever again, at least I could try and learn how to make a good cocktail and invite my contemporaries for some Black and White whiskey cocktails with nyama choma


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