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Can’t wait for Avengers: Infinity War!

April 27 is fast approaching; the day Avengers: Infinity War will set the world on fire.

Movie fans all over the world are basking in the hype Infinity War has generated, a sort of frenzy that gets you giddy just thinking about all the awesomeness that will unfold on screen the day you walk into the cinema for the first of many viewings.

Most of us know Infinity War cannot possibly work. You cannot have more than 40 main characters in play at the same time without making a mess of things; but that has done little to temper our excitement.

This will be the culmination of 10 years of storytelling in the Marvel Universe, and the Russo brothers have a responsibility to meet our expectations. Yes, I know they don’t really owe us anything. These are just movies after all.

But…No, these are not just movies. They are nerd dreams come to life.

So many of us have spent so much of our time, money and effort watching the Marvel Universe unfold, and, for our reward, we have been promised a feast for the eyes and ears. So, the Russo Brothers owe us a satisfying end to this 10-year rollercoaster.

But for all the hype surrounding Infinity War, one cannot help but wonder at the blanket of mystery that has surrounded the movie since the marketing campaign kicked off in 2017.

We have received two full-length trailers and a litany of television spots, yet Marvel has yet to reveal the real plot of Infinity War.

Do not get me wrong; this is not a complaint. There is nothing I love more than going into a movie blind and being met with pleasant surprises.

But I don’t think Marvel has ever been this secretive with one of its movies. We went into Civil War knowing the fight between Tony and Steve would be ignited by Bucky.

We knew Iron Man would attempt to enact legislation to bring the Avengers under the control of the United Nations and that would turn Captain America against him.

The Thor Ragnarok trailers clearly laid out the journey that would take Thor Odinson away from his home, strip him of his hammer, reunite him with Bruce Banner and eventually throw him into battle against the goddess of death.

It would be foolish to claim that Marvel spoils its movies ahead of time but they do not work so hard to hide the general storytelling beats of their films.

So, one can only conclude that Infinity War is something truly special because they are keeping so much so close to the chest.

Sure, we know that Thanos is coming to earth to collect the Infinity Stones and that the rest of the Avengers will unite to stop him. But that general statement does not really reveal to us what the meat of the story will be.

Are we looking at a two-and-half-hour all-out war? Or will the Russo Brothers fracture the conflict into smaller bouts fought at different locations by different teams?

How much Thanos POV shall we get? Does the movie intend to explore the origins of the Marvel Cosmos? And how about the Black Order? How prominent will their roles be?

Every trailer and TV spot we have seen so far adds up to roughly 10 to 12 minutes of footage, and that sounds like a lot until you realize that Marvel only ever shows us the same three or four scenes from new angles.

That suggests that whatever the Russo Brothers intend to show us in this movie is so mind-blowing that they won’t dare tease even a frame of it, lest they spoil the whole experience.

Does that make me more excited for Infinity War? Well, yeah, definitely.  Is that a bad thing? Yes, because now my disappointment will be all the greater if the movie fails to deliver.                                                        


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