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Sex talk: Twice a week is good cardio

There is this clip from Fox News that has been making the rounds since it aired in January. Two host doctors ‘rubbish’ our three-times-a-week visits to the gym and order: have sex instead.

“Don’t just go on the treadmill; have sex!” one of them, Dr Marc Siegel, said during the Fox News segment called Sunday Housecall. “Orgasm decreases pain…decreases cramping.”

So, there. You are leaving the free ‘medication’ at home and going out to spend hundreds of thousands of shillings on food supplements, painkillers and the gym.

Your recommended dose was handed to you by your Creator the day you entered that marriage, but guess what, you just hate the ‘tablets’.

Maybe we can even study health conditions and patterns, to tell those who are having full, regular doses from the ones who are ‘throwing their tablets away’!

Anyway seriously, sex is not just for procreation; now that you have all the children you desired, you figure ‘they’ should stop hounding you and chasing you down house corridors for yet more sex. Wrong.

Many health-promoting hormones are released during a great sexual encounter. By great, I mean preferably one that ends in orgasms.

But even where you do not experience orgasms, as long as that sex has been satisfactory and conclusive by your personal standards, it can still do wonders for your health.

Dr David Samadi, the other medic on the show, said sex is also a good cardio workout. So, if for nothing else, think heart health and throw yourself into making love with your spouse at least twice a week. Doctors’ recommendation, not mine.

They said regular sex helps bring the risk of prostate cancer down by 20 per cent, helps you sleep better, kicks out menstrual cramping in women, gives your heart the revving it needs to stay healthy.

No wonder as couples get busier with jobs and careers today, sex takes the backseat and health complications reign, some of them very serious.

On the flipside, I now think the health portfolio looked much better in our grandparents’ times even without access to modern medicine, because there was a lot more time for regular intimacy and little room for being mouthy about it. Among other factors.

Meanwhile, in pregnant women, sex triggers oxytocin – one of the happy hormones or neurotransmitters.

It is oxytocin that aids in smooth childbirth, not to mention increasing the bond between spouses (and between mother and newborn); it is not called the love hormone for nothing…

Love alone has so many health benefits. Unless you have never been truly, utterly and hopelessly in love, you should know what I am talking about.

Due to the physicality of sex and how much it is similar to an anaerobic workout, it is said to trigger another ‘happy hormone’, endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.

They are the reason why wise couples have always pushed through pain to make love and later left friends and relatives perplexed by a pregnancy obviously conceived when mister’s legs were in a cast! Or when madam was recovering from a major surgical procedure. There.

The body is wired to know which neurotransmitters help where, and how to reach for them. Kind of the same way a goat will know by natural instinct which grass is medicinal and which one is poisonous. God is amazing.

Also dopamine and serotonin are released during sex; both are also classified under happy hormones and can be released by regular sex. The former is a pleasure booster, the latter a mood booster.

Now, is your better half cranky, irritable, high-strung, in pain, nagging, kicking the children around like a lunatic?

Check yourself; you, their ‘doctor’, have possibly been mean in administering their doses. True, all the happy hormones and their associated health benefits can also be achieved through regular physical exercise, say jogging or working out in a gym.

But hey, why not take advantage of this beautiful, enjoyable nature gifted to you by God?

Sad still, some people do not exercise at all but are also happily encouraging a sex drought in their marriages.

Accident waiting to happen in the health department.



0 #1 ejakait engoraton 2018-04-11 13:01
Very true. A relatives husband had a nasty accident and was in plasters n all sorts of contraptions for a while.

All of a sudden, his wife was pregnant.

I wanted to make a run fully knowing there was no way it could happen and knew beyond doubt this was the end of the marriage.

Only for the kid to be born and a photocopy of the father.
All the relatives were relieved but just as perplexed
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+2 #2 ejakait engoraton 2018-04-11 13:04
Every time I look at the boy, who is now in his twenties, I can not help but smile and think and try to imagine the manouvers that took place leading to his conception!!!!!!
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