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Why Dorotia is special to Rev Onesmus Asiimwe

Reverend Onesmus Asiimwe, is the newly installed chaplain of St Francis chapel at Makerere University.

Quick Talk met the man of the cloth at the newly refurbished chapel for a long interview that ended in a more informal chat. All, after a word of prayer.

Onesmus Asiimwe

You look younger than 52, Reverend; what is the secret?

[Laughs], I believe it’s the good feeding. I’m [a teetotaler], I no longer smoke [he admits he used to smoke a lot before giving his life to Jesus Christ], I don’t have sleepless nights, and I have not impregnated a girl…

Hahahaha! And how do you spend your free time outside work?

I play the accordion [Wow. Where do people even buy accordions? Quick Talk wonders. He has not seen anyone play that instrument outside photos of former president Idi Amin Dada…] I also find enough excuses to sit behind the wheel; I like driving.

Do you sometimes cook for your family?

No! I can only manage to cook tea. But I love shopping [laughs]. I know this is a thing for women, but I like it. Actually, I go to the market to do fruit shopping; my wife loves it since I make the best choices.
I was spoilt by my sisters who did most of the cooking; I have not had the privilege of staying alone to cook.

What is your favourite food?

I used to like chicken, but Archbishop [Henry Luke Orombi] introduced me to fish and kalo; this is my thing now [Yes...one cannot disobey one’s archbishop!]

What is your favourite colour, Reverend?

Blue; the colour signifies love of God. When I see blue, I see the love of Jesus [Hesitates, and then as if reading Quick Talk’s mind:] This has nothing to do with FDC! [Opposition party, Forum for Democratic Change, favours the colour blue, too…]

Okay… So, when was the last time you took your wife out?

[Thinks a while] October last year. Oh, September 18; you know we have been very busy. By the way, that day is our wedding anniversary. We were making 24 years in marriage.

Congratulations! Where did you go?

I will not disclose, because I’m planning to take her out this year as we celebrate the silver jubilee.

What kind of music do you enjoy?

Christian music; I used to enjoy secular music in high school and I used to be called DJ.

I also know Chameleone. I used to enjoy his song Dorotia because my auntie was called Dorotia and she was my favourite auntie; so, I just like the song. Hmmm. Auntie Dorotia. Must have had quite an influence…

I received my first love letter from a girl in the village expressing her love to me and used words like ‘I love you’, ‘sweetheart’… I was so scared and took the letter to my aunt who approached the girl and sorted her out. [He remembers this with a smile.]

Strange, how the words ‘I love you’ still get many children in trouble even today! Moving on; seeing as you love shopping, do you love doing laundry too?

I do my own shopping and I wash for myself. I don’t believe in people washing for me. Having an art and design background, it’s very hard to impress me fashion-wise.

What sports to you play?

I play ping-pong (table tennis), but support Manchester City. In 2003, I visited their stadium. I was given a guided tour and I still keep the jersey I was given then.

When did you last cry, sir? 

[Thinks for a while] About seven years ago when I lost my sister-in-law. It was so sudden.

Oh dear. And who would you love to meet before the Lord calls you home?

[Sighs] I would have loved to meet Pastor Billy Graham [the renowned American Pentecostal televangelist passed away on February 21, aged 99], [German Pentecostal evangelist and missionary] Reinhardt Bonnke – yeah; I have really met many people who matter, including Pastor Benny Hinn.

If you were to be marooned on a desert island, what would you take with you?

My Bible, hmmm… and my honey. I love my honey [and by honey, the good reverend is referring to the actual mubisi.]

He remarks on the unusualness of the ‘humour questions’ that followed a more lengthy interview, saying: “Anyway, it was nice meeting you.”

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