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Spotlight: Big plans for C.G and I

I suppose it was inevitable that we would make love; we had missed each other for too long for the night to end any other way.

However, as the sun began to rise, while I had the luxury of finally beginning to doze off, Greg began to get dressed in preparation to leave.

“I’d better go and let Linda get some sleep,” he said softly.
“I know.”
“I’ll be back.”

“I know,” I answered simply.
“You don’t sound like you believe me,” he said sadly.
“I do believe you, Greg; I’m just going to miss you till you get back, that’s all,” I answered honestly.

He took me in his arms again.

“I’ll miss you too, but I promise it won’t be for long this time, and that I’ll call every single day.”

I smiled at the earnestness in his tone despite the tough exterior he often put on; at heart he was a soft, loving, caring person, and I loved him for it.  “I’ll expect your calls,” I answered softly, then gently pushed him away. “Go now, it’s getting light.”

When I next woke up, it was approaching noon and as I got up and lazily headed for a shower, I thought of what to do with the rest of the day.

I was not in the mood to go job hunting and just wanted to stay in the happy carefree place Greg had taken me to with his return. And that turned my thoughts to another person that filled me with love and joy - C.G.

I had not seen my son in a while, and missed him terribly. Now that I did not have job hunting lined up on my plan for the day, and that thanks to Greg’s generosity I had money to spend, seeing C.G was the perfect way to spend the day.

The only thing that could ruin being with my son, was having his grandmother continuously over my shoulder expressing how unhappy she was with my presence. In a sudden burst of rebelliousness, I decided I would not let her do that; not today when I felt like I was floating on top of the world.

The solution was to pick up C.G and take him out for the day. We could go to the water park, shopping, out for lunch and ice cream; the possibilities flew through my mind.

Of course I knew Chris’ mum would never agree to it, but I did not care. She and her son could go to hell; today I was going to pick up my son, and spend the day alone with him, I thought to myself determinedly, and with my mind made up, hurriedly finished off my shower and headed to the bedroom to get dressed.

Considering all the plans I had for us, I picked a comfortable pair of jeans and T-shirt, then packed a carry-on bag with two towels, lotion and my swimming costume.

I would buy C.G one at the mall next to the park - after all, I could afford it, I thought to myself with a smile. Once I was ready, I called for an Uber, placing Chris’ mother’s home as a stopover, and not the final destination.

I knew that for my plan to work, I had to take her by surprise, and make the pick up as fast as possible: in and out, before she could stop me or call Chris.
So, I did not notify her and just prayed they were home.



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