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Malaika Nnyanzi to be face of SHOOOOSH!

Malaika Nnyanzi is about to make her debut on the international television scene.

Rockstar Group, a South Africa-based entertainment company, has signed Nnyanzi as the official presenter, host and face of new television celebrity/entertainment show dubbed SHOOOOSH! on Rockstar TV channel.

“To say we are thrilled to have Malaika in the family and work with her is an utter understatement. She is undoubtedly one of the most versatile, fresh and multi-talented leading ladies on the African continent and her future is very bright… and there is no doubt she is set to be the new face and voice of African music entertainment…,” Rockstar said in a press statement.

Nnyanzi, a presenter on Kfm’s D’Mighty Breakfast show, said she was excited about the new journey she was about to embark on.

“I’m absolutely excited to take my career and my life to the next level and knowing Rockstar is behind me, my life has absolutely changed in a myriad of ways already,” Nnyanzi is quoted in the press statement.

With SHOOOOSH! Nnyanzi will feed her audience with updated content about different celebrities world over.

According to the terms of the deal, Nnyanzi does not have to quit her job at Kfm; she will only have to fly to South Africa to briefly shoot the videos.

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