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Weasel: watch this space. I can sing alone

When musician Moses Nakintije Sekibogo aka Mowzey Radio’s candle burnt out last Thursday at Case hospital, fellow artistes were quick to remind each other of his wishes not to cry for him.

Music promoter Balaam Barugahara told The Observer: “When we were at someone’s burial, Radio told me that when he dies, he doesn’t want people to cry for him. He said people should only eat, drink, sing and dance.

Radio and Weasel were inseparable 

Under normal circumstances, it is hard to fulfill such demands. His singing partner-turned-‘brother’ Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel was among many who broke the rules, weeping openly on several occasions.

During the requiem mass at Lubaga cathedral on Friday, Weasel cried while eulogizing his brother.

“We started with nothing but promised each other heaven and earth. We won awards and got nominated for BET. It is sad that my brother has left me here,” said a teary Weasel.

His tearful words threw the congregation into sombre silence; many were possibly reflecting on social media speculation that Radio had  died with Weasel’s music career.

In an exclusive interview with The Observer at Kololo ceremonial grounds during Radio’s night vigil last Friday, Weasel said: “All sorts of words are going to be said about my singing but I am ready to prove people wrong.”

He paused to compose himself and wipe away his tears.

“Radio said we shouldn’t cry, but celebrate his life. If [you’re seeing] me crying, my brother, just forgive me, my soldier [Radio]; the pain is too much. But I will be strong and move on.”

The singing duo has been together under the Goodlyfe Crew since 2008 with Radio providing the soothing RnB vocals and Weasel injecting a fusion of dancehall, rap and ragga vibes.

And while Radio had successful solo projects, the same could not be said of Weasel, hence the harsh verdicts on his future career.


While Weasel admitted heartbreak on losing Radio, he said he is ready for a solo career and will also support other artistes in Goodlyfe.

“If one soldier is gone, it doesn’t stop other soldiers from firing more bullets. You should expect more fire from me. I am a ragga artiste. I am now angrier to give even better music to make Radio happy wherever he has gone,” he said, briefly rapping lines from one of their songs to prove his strength.

It proved overwhelming to push through his grief and sing and had to be comforted by four of his Goodlyfe colleagues to continue coherently with the interview. For now, according to Weasel, Radio is still alive as they have quite a number of songs recorded as a duo and due for release this year.

He anticipates starting a solo ragga career mid-next year after all songs with Radio have been exhausted. He urged the public to allow him time to properly mourn his “brother” as he plans the way forward.

“This was God’s plan but the music must continue. All I request from our fans is to pray for me,” he said.


Asked about the progress of the police investigations, he said, “It does not matter whether they get all those who led to Radio’s death, because they will not bring him back to life. They have caused a lot of pain in our hearts and it is only God who will judge them.”

We concluded the interview prematurely due to constant interruptions, but not before I heard Weasel say: “Radio, you have left me, but I am sure you will rest in eternal peace. Please, send my greeting to AK47 [real name, Emma Mayanja, Weasel’s brother who died two years ago in eerily similar circumstances], Thaddeus, Danz Ku Mapeesa and others. I will forever miss you.”


According to Swangz Avenue’s renowned producer Benon Mugumbya, Weasel is very talented and can succeed as a solo artiste.

“I have worked with Radio and Weasel and know each one’s strengths. I have heard lots of things said about Weasel but we should not just brush off people that so and so can’t sing. With a good producer, he will make it because he has the voice,” said Mugumbya.

He likened Weasel’s situation to his own old days with singing partner Vampino, then known as “Benon and Vampos”.

The duo released songs such as Nsazewo, My Lady and Mumuleete. Today, Benon said, Vampos is successfully pursuing a solo career while he [Benon] concentrates on production and only sings occasionally.


Mugumbya believes Weasel, being a disciplined and multi-talented artiste, will surprise many when he gets back on his feet.

“Please, don’t hesitate to come back and remind me that I told you Weasel would make it. It is just a matter of time; you will be able to judge him.”


  • Jennifer - Radio
  • Sweet Lady - Radio
  • Nakudata - Radio and Weasel ft Omulangira Suuna
  • Ngamba - Radio and Weasel
  • Ability - Radio and Weasel ft Rabadaba
  • Akapapula - Radio and Weasel
  • Bread and Butter - Radio and Weasel
  • Hellenah - Radio and Weasel ft David Lutalo
  • Mr DJ - Radio and Weasel & various artistes
  • Juicy Juicy - Radio and Weasel
  • Lwaki Onumya - Radio and Weasel
  • Taxi Money - Radio and Weasel ft Sizza Man
  • Can’t Let You Go - Radio and Weasel
  • Pollination - Radio and Weasel ft Obsessions
  • Zino Ennaku - Radio and Weasel ft Myco Chris
  • Don’t Cry – Radio and Weasel ft Wizkid
  • Ngenda Mumaaso - Radio and Weasel
  • Lwaki Tokula - Radio and Weasel
  • Streetlight - Radio and Weasel
  • Ntunga - Radio and Weasel
  • Bikoola - Radio and Weasel ft Irene Ntale
  • Magnetic - Radio and Weasel
  • Neera - Radio and Weasel
  • Mukama Talya Mandaazi - Radio and Weasel
  • Nyambura - Radio and Weasel
  • Nyumbani - Radio and Weasel
  • Obudde - Radio and Weasel
  • Ole - Radio and Weasel
  • Potential - Radio and Weasel ft General Ozzy
  • Sitaani - Radio and Weasel
  • Zuena - Radio and Weasel
  • Talk and Talk - Radio and Weasel
  • Where You Are - Radio and Weasel ft Blu 3
  • Lunaku Lwa Mbaga - Radio and Weasel
  • Abateesi - Radio and Weasel ft Chance Nalubega
  • Leesu - Radio
  • Tambula Nange - Radio
  • Gutamiiza - Radio and Weasel ft B2C
  • Ekyama - Radio and Weasel
  • Byagana - Radio and Weasel
  • Tubonga Naawe - Radio and Weasel ft other artistes
  • Heart Attack - Radio and Weasel
  • Tompona - Radio and Weasel ft Leila Kayondo
  • I Love You - Radio and Weasel ft Vampino
  • Locomotive - Radio and Weasel ft other artistes
  • Take It Easy - Radio and Weasel ft Diamond Oscar & Vampino
  • Breath Away - Radio and Weasel
  • Amaaso - Radio and Weasel ft Pallaso & Mess
  • Fantastic - Radio and Weasel
  • Kuku - Radio and Weasel


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Weasel am praying for you...
I feel so much pain deep inside my heart...

May Allah strengthen you, and may he guide you all the way....
Ioads of Love
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