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Mowzey Radio tributes at Kololo

On February 2, friends, fans and family of Mowzey Radio (RIP) gathered at Kololo ceremonial grouds to give him a musical vigil. Artistes struggled to replicate his songs, but Ykee Benda and Mr Lee from B2C Entertainment did his songs justice.

Backstage, YUDAYA NANGONZI spoke to various people about their memories of Mowzey.

Balaam Barugahara – Music Promoter

I last met Radio on January 1 when I was travelling to London. Upon my return, we were supposed to meet and discuss about helping him financially on his construction projects.

Unfortunately, we lost touch and the next thing I heard was that he was involved in a bar brawl and in coma. When I went to hospital, I called him, ‘Radio!’

He opened his right eye but he couldn’t recognise me until his death. He was a crazy and cheerful guy; very talented and brilliant. He wanted to challenge people so much and whenever he got tipsy, he would attack anyone.

Aziz Azion – Artiste

I have known Radio for the past 10 years – he was in Leone Island and I was in Jekaki band. I last met Radio at the ‘10 years of RAW’ last year.

Before parting ways, he told me: “Radio is a rich nigga, boy. I have my money.” We have many talents but we shall not get the original Radio.

Delivad Julio – B2C

We last met Radio at Neverland in Makindye early this year and he advised us not to engage in fights in order to succeed musically.

In the song Gutamiiza, he surprised us when he wrote his part so fast before organising the entire song. He had promised to write for us five songs but unfortunately, he has gone without giving us any. We shall miss his voice and talent.

APass – Artiste

We last met at Eddy Kenzo’s show in Munyonyo on December 16, 2017. After the concert, Radio sees me and says: “Alexander, how are you? Are you happy?” He later switched to death of Male Busuulwa aka Saxess.

He told me, “APass, machines like Saxess broke down, but don’t be surprised if my machine does the same.” Those were his last words to me at around 1:30am.

Irene Namatovu - Artiste

Last year, we were working on a project with him and he wrote for me a song, Olusalosalo.

I went to studio that day with my 13-year-old daughter who admired him so much. What surprised me is when he told my daughter: “I know you love my music, but don’t do what I do.”

These were great words. In his memory, I will ensure that I record this song.

Irene Namubiru – Artiste

I am still in shock and have nothing much to say. I knew Radio from his first song, Jennifer. Since then, I kept telling fellow artistes that this man would be a star. He has lived to my expectations.

Eddy Kenzo - Artiste

I last met Radio at Spice Diana’s graduation party, about two weeks before he was beaten. He was very happy and gave a wonderful spiritual speech. We have had our misunderstandings but agreed to forgive each other and move on.

Radio had grown and was no longer speaking ill of us.

Patrick Idringi Salvado – Comedian

I last met Radio at Eddy Kenzo’s show when I introduced him on stage as MC. He was so funny. Together with Weasel, they were like twin brothers for all those years.

That is a gap that no one can fill. They have slept in the same house, drunk from the same glass, eaten from the same plate and it is just very painful.


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