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Kurb, street food in a city suburb


Placed between the Arena (former Iguana), La Fontaine and Cavendish University near Kisementi in Kamwokya, Kurb is easy to miss since outwardly, it is deceptively not a huge place.

However, Kurb will surprise you with how they have utilised their relatively spacious place, bringing many restaurant brands under one roof.

Kurb itself is not a restaurant, to start with. It is simply a collection of eateries that are all organized in form of street kiosks you could find in Wandegeya or Kabalagala. Or think of a roadside food court.

The kiosks sell different foods that not only differ in the preparation but in types too; for instance, one joint, Kafunda, sells local foods, while there is another that has their interest in beef products or fish.

The popular bakery/pastry shop Brood, has also relocated its Kamwokya branch from Acacia mall to the Kurb. The exciting one for this column, though, was one codenamed Wing It; a kiosk that serves only chicken wings.

With a simple menu, Wing It gives you a chance to pick between chicken wings flavoured with very hot chillies, or a mildly hot dish served with Irish potatoes, yellow sweet potatoes or cassava chips.

Like real roadside food, the meal is served without a fork even when they put up a superb presentation of it – the sweet potatoes are sprinkled with salt, which easily makes one forget the monotony of it in its traditional mode.

But the food at Kurb aside, there is nothing as surprising as the collective sitting arrangement. None of the kiosks owns seats that after making an order, you simply take a random seat for a waiter to find you. Told you, think food court style.

Boasting a rooftop sitting area, Kurb comes with a view. It may not be a lake view, but it is a view, nonetheless. Food here costs on average Shs 20,000; still a place from the hood.

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