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Spotlight: Reality won’t be tucked away

I was in the kitchenette fixing breakfast when Greg woke up.

“What are you doing out of bed so early?” he grumbled as he emerged from the bedroom.

“First of all, it’s not early, sleepy head; and secondly, in answer to your question, I’m fixing breakfast. I thought you might be hungry when you wake up.”

“Hungry for more of you, not breakfast,” he smiled as he came round the counter, and wrapping his arms around my waist from behind me, pulled me close to him and away from the cooker.

“I thought you had enough of that last night,” I giggled as he nuzzled my neck.

“That was last night, this is this morning,” he answered.

“You’re going to make me burn your breakfast,” I complained, trying to pull free, in vain.

“So, simple; turn it off,” he answered, and then released me briefly with one hand which, stretching forward, he used to turn off the gas.

“There, now it won’t burn,” he said smugly, and then turned me round to face him.

When he eventually whispered, “Come back to bed”, I offered no resistance.

Almost an hour later while he went to take a shower, I went to finish up the breakfast preparation which he had interrupted so persuasively. I was serving it when he returned to the living room fully dressed and looking fresh.

“Mmm, that looks good; thank you,” he said appreciatively as he sat down in front of the tray I had set out with French toast, sausages and a cup of coffee.

“You’re welcome; eat up while I go shower as well,” I instructed, making a move for the bedroom door.

“Hey, hold up; eat with me. You can shower later,” he stopped me as he reached out and grabbed my arm.

“No, I’m hot and sweaty. You go ahead, I won’t be long,” I promised, and pulled away more insistently.

He released me, but looked up with a puzzled expression.

“Why the rush?”

“I won’t be long,” I ignored his question while repeating my promise, and then quickly moved on to the bedroom before he could try to stop me again.

The truth was that seeing Greg all set to go, had hurt more than I had expected it to, and I did not want him to see that.

Of course I had known his leaving in the morning would hurt – but just not this much.

It felt like I had been punched in the stomach and I knew the pain was so strong that Greg would see it if I let him look me in the eye for too long.

I did not want him to see my hurt, because I did not want him to feel like he was under any pressure to offer me more than I knew he could.

I wanted to wave him off with a smile, without so much as asking when I would next see him, for I knew just that would make him feel like he had to make some form of commitment. I did not want to be the one who put that kind of pressure on him.

I knew his work schedule was pretty packed, for he had several upcoming shows, all of which came with numerous meetings with organisers and sponsors, not to mention rehearsals and sound checks.

That, along with his other official meetings and social engagements would probably take up most of his time, and of what was left, I knew Linda had to be his first responsibility.

I did not want to make him feel like I was pulling him away from that responsibility; so, my solution was to hide away from him until I had pulled myself together enough to fake a smile when I did face him.

After a brisk cold shower, and changing into something less revealing, I returned to the living room just as Greg finished his breakfast.


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