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Tyler Himself promises more music in 2018

Tyler Himself

Tyler Himself behind songs: Some Mo, Njagala, Handle Sikusobola, Bali Badem, Tuula Wansi spoke to ANTHONY LAM AYEBE about his love for music and the 2018 projects he’s unleashing.

Who is Tyler Himself?

Tyler Himself is a dancehall artiste signed to Xtreme Entertainment. I do dancehall with a bit of afrobeat. I also go by the names “African Dancehall hero”, a name derived as a result of the type of music I sing which is a blend of dancehall and afrobeat.

I’ve been doing music since 2010 but I started professionally in 2012, so that marks about 5 years in the industry. I started out at University in London while still studying. I was doing mixtapes by then.

What inspired to join the music industry?

As a person, I’ve always been interested in music from childhood. I’ve always listened to local and Jamaican music, so for me it came naturally. I was always looking for my place in the industry, I thought maybe I would be a producer or have a record label and have artistes sign but somehow the passion drew me to actually become an artiste myself.

When we were young, we were listening to a lot of Chameleon, Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, Peter Miles, Redsan, East Africa TV, Tanzanian music, Professor Jay, Nazizi generally what was trending within East Africa.

As an artiste, what makes you tick?

In everything I do musically, I do it as myself that’s why even the music, I don’t really have a writer or anything, I compose the music myself, I sing off my head, I don’t write. Just to make sure the delivery is always natural. To make sure every time I sing, it comes from my heart or from my mind.

In your five years in the music industry, what have been the major highlights of your career?

I think every single day is a highlight because every single day, I am learning something new. To people, some things are big but to me, everything is a big deal whether I meet a big or small artiste.

Everyone that compliments me, everyone that I learn from is a positive, I don’t really look at anything in particular as when this happened, everything changed. Everything is part of brand building and growth of career.

Fans have been asking themselves, when are you dropping your debut album?

I’ll be dropping an album this year; we’ll do probably a show as well. The album is called Patois Mixtape The Album, it was first an extended play (EP), then it transformed into a mixtape then from a mixtape we decided to make an album.

So it’s been compiled three times, this will be the third time of compilation. The first thing we’ll do is to get it on iTunes. It’s basically marketing and partnership platform where for your music; one can set the price and market the music. So we’ll have to make sure that we break even in terms of marketing budget versus earnings from the music listed on iTunes.

Fans should expect a lot more visual this year and a lot more audio cause it’s a different kind of year. Everyone who has been loyal to Xtreme Entertainment this is the year, 2018 is finally the year when we’ve decided to do something different, do something big and give back to everyone who has been supporting since day one.

What plans and collaborations are you preparing for 2018?

For 2018 we already have some collaborations lined up, some have already been voiced. I do not want to mention because it kills the vibe.

I think they should come as a surprise. We have planned for some international collabos. We’ve always been in touch with international artistes; we’ve been in touch with Patoranking, Runtown and Orezi. So anytime just expect anything. So were are definitely dropping some international collabos this year.



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