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Try sugarcane juice this hot January

While chewing sugarcane can be very refreshing, drinking its juice, without the extra hassle of working your jaws to extract the juice is double the refreshment.

After my last meeting of the day, I decided to have an early dinner at the newly-opened Zinello’s restaurant in Ntinda, along the Ntinda-Kiwatule road. The suave eatery is a branch of the Kamwokya-based Zinello’s takeaway, along Kira road.

Unlike the 18-year-old takeaway in Kamwokya, this new branch is a fully-fledged restaurant where people can sit and have a meal or order for take-out. As soon as I took my seat at one of the beautiful mahogany tables, a waitress welcomed me and placed a menu before me.

Being the hot January it has been lately, I asked for water as I leafed through the menu.

I had tried almost everything there; yes, they have a rather small menu for food, but make no mistake, their pizzas are some of the best. That, and their delicious frozen yoghurt and ice cream are what have held me captive to this place for years.

At the next table, a woman happily swiped away at her phone, as she treated herself to a cone of ice cream. A few minutes later, she walked out with two large pizzas.

I was tempted to order for a pizza but since I was alone, I opted for a chicken wrap, chips and soda combo that cost me Shs 13,000. Being in no mood for soda, I looked through their large selection of drinks that included protein shakes and detox juices.

I settled for a large glass of sugarcane juice that goes for Shs 5,500. A smaller one goes for Shs 4,500. The freshly squeezed cane juice flavoured with fresh ginger and lime, served with ice cubes did more than enough magic to my parched throat, not to mention my fatigued body.

It is the perfect drink for this dry season, I thought to myself as the last drops of my drink noisily bubbled through the drinking straw.


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