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Dude, raw tomatoes can switch up your rolex!


“After 38 days, you wake up and it is still January. Lord, how many months are in this month?”

This is one of many memes online as January blues fully lock in. For those with families, the pain is prolonged, considering that January is followed by the ‘school fees’ week.

But for us who are single, January is the month we embrace being broke and the ‘national dish’, the rolex, complete with a selfie moment.

Thanks to a CNN report, the rolex, whose origins have been traced to Wandegeya, has gained a lot of hype; it has a dedicated festival, a special menu at the trendiest festival Nyege Nyege and even The Daily Show host Trevor Noah has tweeted about it.

But for the average Ugandan consuming this chapatti and omelette roll, the only thing on their mind is the friendly price tag a rolex normally carries. Unless you are eating yours from some place where it comes complete with fork and knife, and fancy decoration on the plate!

Now the latest ‘tough’ decision is whether to eat the rolex with the tomatoes mixed with assorted vegetables in the omelette, or go for the famous fresh tomatoes garnish mostly known as nyanya mbisi.

Serving the tomatoes raw is an option, and the red fruits do taste wonderful with chapatti. Because of this, the term nyanya mbisi has become a catch phrase while placing the rolex order. Gordon Mugoda, a poet who once recited a poem about his favourite rolex spinner Haji Musumali, cheekily described a raw-tomato rolex as a life-changing thing.

“That rolex is the real thing! These other versions were inspired by it,” he gushed.

Others claim that raw tomatoes sprinkled with salt on top of an omelette are truly divine, but are only tasty when done by the rolex guy.

“When you make your own nyanya mbisi at home, it only tastes funny,” argued one enthusiast.

Yet there are those that like their rolex prepared with ‘all things in’; they usually tell the chef to do “byonna wamu”.

As the rolex became famous, posh neighbourhoods and hotels have added it to their menus with fancy names and even fancier prices.

“What those people are doing is not a rolex, but an imitation of one,” said Ssula of Basoga Classic Chapattis at the Mpererwe stage.

Well, in Ntinda, one of the best assorted rolexes is at UG Roll, neighbouring Capital Shoppers supermarket. With everything mixed in, their rolex is garnished with cabbage leaves and tomato sauce.

This particular rolex is not only tasty but comes at between Shs 3,500 and Shs 10,000, compared to Ssula’s Shs 1,500 rolex in Mpererwe. The Ntinda one is well presented and takes a little more time to prepare compared to the traditional ones.

Clearly, the rolex is growing and evolving, and so should its consumers. Try nyanya mbisi next time, though.

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