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Movie Review: Love Faces opens this week

This Ugandan drama introduces us to the life of Sherry, who decides to break up with her longtime boyfriend Joshua after a sharp disagreement.

Joshua’s best friend Salim wants them to make peace with each other while Maria, Sherry’s workmate, comes into the picture to help her move on after their breakup.

When Salim and Maria are away, a thief breaks into the house with Sherry and Joshua in.

Shaken by the incident, Joshua comes to realise he still loves Sherry in spite of their disagreement, but Sherry has already made up her mind to leave.

Love Faces stars Laura Kahunde (NTV’s Second Chance), Moses Kiboneka Jr, Patriq Nakalukanyi (Yat Madit) and Salome Elizabeth. The film is directed by Usama Mukwaya and is having a red-carpet premiere this Thursday at Century Cinemax, Acacia mall.


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