Spotlight: Is this it for C.G and I?

Chris’ mother’s call to her son was very brief and consisted of her informing him that C.G and I were there. When she hung up, she turned to me with a smug expression.

“Chris is on his way,” she said in a tone that seemed to imply I was in trouble and she was pleased about it.

Although I had hoped to avoid a face-to-face meeting with Chris, there was no way I could avoid it now as I could hardly go running off without looking suspicious. I decided to sit tight.

After all, no matter how upset he was, he was hardly going to attack me in front of C.G and his mother, I assured myself.

Chris arrived about 30 minutes later and from his disheveled appearance, it was obvious he had just jumped out of bed and come dashing over the minute his mother called. His hair was uncombed, his eyes red, and his clothes looked like he had slept in them.

C.G, however, was unbothered by any of that as spotting his father, he clambered to his feet, and went running to him with arms raised and a huge smile: “Daddy!”

While Chris lifted him and returned his greeting with a close hug and kiss, it was on me that his eyes were focused, even when moments later, he put C.G back down and greeted his mother.

When he finally spoke to me, the attack was instant: “So, where’s your lover boy this morning?”

I held his gaze straight on, but did not answer him.

“What’s going on, Chris?” his mother asked as she looked from him to me, and then back to him.
“Oh, hasn’t she told you why she’s abandoning her son, and shedding off being a mum?” Chris asked with raised eyebrows, and then paused before going on dramatically. “Stephanie here has got a lover! She’s too busy sleeping with other women’s husbands to be a mum!”

“What!” the mother gasped in shock at his response, her eyes so wide they looked like they were about to pop straight out of their sockets.
“Yeap! That’s the kind of woman I got myself,” he said snidely, his eyes daring me to contradict him.

Although mine welled up with tears at his words and how he was embarrassing me in front of his mother, I still bit my tongue and did not say a word.
“Stephanie, is this true?” his mother asked, but again it was Chris that answered.

“Of course it’s true, she shoved it right in my face yesterday when her lover sent his brother to pick her up – along with a gun, I might add!”
“A gun!” she repeated in horror, and turned to me questioningly once more, but seeing that I still was not offering any contribution to the discussion, turned back to her son. “Who is this you’re talking about?”

“Greg! The man has a pregnant wife at home, and that’s who she has chosen to throw away her life for.”

Probably because she had seen me with Greg before, as well as no doubt heard the rumors from earlier tabloid reports, she did not question Chris’ answer and simply shook her head slowly before answering quietly: “Well, like I told Stephanie already, C.G is welcome to stay here.”

“Thanks mum, I really appreciate it – at least he will be safe and not exposed to his mother’s sleeping around,” Chris said, and then turned to me. “Well, you’ve gotten what you want now; you’re free – so get out, and don’t let me see your face again!”


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