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Oh what a year of great worship!

So, this year is gone. Bye-bye. The New Year is around the corner and to God be the glory.

I was thinking about how victorious this year has been spiritually for us all, even though we may not immediately notice it.

At the beginning of the year my pastor Stephen Mukulu prophesied, among other things, that this is the year God is doing shocking things in the body of Christ; some of them so shocking they will be outright scary.

He said in the December 31 overnight service that among the things God is doing, He is unmasking every false prophet out there, and that He is completely restoring us and giving us excellence.

And oh boy, has He delivered on that prophecy or what!?

I have not felt this proud of being Pentecostal in a long time. The unity, the movement of God, the restoration of some churches that seemed to be falling apart, the complete restoration of some of our pastors that the devil had so cunningly tried to destroy, etc.

That is why as we enter 2018, I can only hear these five big praise/worship songs of 2017 play over and over in my spirit.

Wanaazako Ebibi (Pr Wilson Bugembe), Victory Belongs to Jesus (Todd Dulaney), No Longer Slaves (Jonathan David and Melissa Helser), Be Lifted (Micah Stampley) and You’re Here (Sinach).

Not all of these songs were written and/or performed in 2017, but they sure hit in Ugandan churches this year in a big way, as God used the worship ministries around churches to anchor His servants in a great commission.

As a worship leader myself, I have enjoyed the move of God this year in particular as He evidently dwelt in the midst of the praises of His people as the Bible states!

I can only pray that 2018 takes us on an even bigger wave. Pastor Mukulu prophesied that it is going to be a year of signs, wonders and miracles and evidently we are already in the season.

Be blessed this coming year, folks, and may God protect you and yours, making you signs, wonders and miracles.


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